Ch 1: Six Sigma Basics

About This Chapter

Employers can help their employees learn about the basics of Six Sigma by means of the lessons included in this chapter. Each chapter is a great way for employees to improve their understanding of basic Six Sigma topics.

Six Sigma Basics - Chapter Summary

Employees in a variety of different business settings should have a good understanding of the basics of Six Sigma. If you are a manager who would like to have your employees learn about the basic topics related to Six Sigma, you can have them read the text lessons found in this chapter. These lessons will cover all of the major Six Sigma topics, such as:

  • The definition, history and overview of Six Sigma
  • Goals and plans for Six Sigma implementation
  • Six Sigma Training and Certification
  • Sigma levels
  • Three Sigma, Six Sigma, Kaizen, TQM, PMP and Agile
  • Six Sigma: five whys an DPMO
  • The benefits of Six Sigma

Each corporate training lesson is complemented by a practice quiz that will help your employees test their understanding of that particular topic. The final chapter exam will allow employees to ensure that they have understood the subject as a whole.

How It Helps

  • Defines concepts: Your employees can watch these video lessons to get the essential definitions of the basic concepts needed to understand Six Sigma.
  • Explains advantages: These lessons will provide your employees with the specific uses and advantages of implementing Six Sigma in the workplace.
  • Provides distinction: By highlighting the specific differences between Six Sigma and related techniques, these lessons will allow employees to better grasp the unique characteristics of Six Sigma itself.

Skills Covered

Once your employees complete this chapter, they will be able to:

  • Understand the basic principles and techniques of Six Sigma
  • Work towards becoming certified in Six Sigma
  • Implement the basic Six Sigma techniques in their workplaces
  • Recognize the differences between Six Sigma and related techniques

13 Lessons in Chapter 1: Six Sigma Basics
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What is Six Sigma? - Definition & Overview

1. What is Six Sigma? - Definition & Overview

Companies want to manufacture a quality product to ensure customers will continue to purchase it and to allow the company to make a profit. In this lesson, you'll learn how Six Sigma drives quality.

Six Sigma Implementation: Main Goal & Plan

2. Six Sigma Implementation: Main Goal & Plan

Organizations of every size, function, and location have to seek ways to stay sharp with their processes and procedures. This lesson will describe how a proper six sigma implementation, with solid goals, can help to improve any organization.

What is Six Sigma? - Training & Certifications

3. What is Six Sigma? - Training & Certifications

There are many training courses that employees can take to help strengthen the operations of a company. The focus of this lesson is Six Sigma and the training that helps employees reach a variety of certification levels.

The 5 Whys of Six Sigma

4. The 5 Whys of Six Sigma

In process improvement work, it's important to ask 'why' some steps are the way they are. In this lesson, we'll discuss the Six Sigma principle of the 5 Whys and how it can provide important insight and answers.

Six Sigma: DPMO

5. Six Sigma: DPMO

The lesson looks at the DPMO, also known as the defects per million opportunities. The DPMO is used to measure the error rate in a production process.

Sigma Levels in Six Sigma

6. Sigma Levels in Six Sigma

Being able to operate efficiently requires knowledgeable individuals and a company dedicated to those practices that can help accomplish this task. In this lesson we will learn about some of the training that prepares employees to take on these tasks.

Six Sigma vs. Three Sigma

7. Six Sigma vs. Three Sigma

This lesson looks at two distinct methods of quality management which are Six Sigma and Three Sigma. The lesson examines the similarities and differences between the two methods as well as their application areas.

History of Six Sigma

8. History of Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a powerful tool for any organization to use to improve the quality of its product or service. This lesson will provide a brief overview and history of Six Sigma and an introduction to this quality improvement methodology.

Benefits of the Six Sigma Process

9. Benefits of the Six Sigma Process

The Six Sigma method of process improvement focuses on reducing the number of defects in a product. In this lesson, you will learn about the benefits of the Six Sigma process.

Six Sigma vs. Kaizen

10. Six Sigma vs. Kaizen

Companies must ensure their products are of the highest quality to compete in the marketplace. In this lesson, you will learn about two improvement methods: Six Sigma and Kaizen.

Six Sigma vs. Agile

11. Six Sigma vs. Agile

This lesson analyzes two very important approaches, Six Sigma and Agile, that are used in the areas of product development, project management and quality management.

TQM vs. Six Sigma

12. TQM vs. Six Sigma

Customers expect quality when they make a purchase, and companies that satisfy this expectation will generate profits. In this lesson, we will examine the TQM and Six Sigma quality methods.

PMP vs. Six Sigma Certification

13. PMP vs. Six Sigma Certification

In this lesson, we will examine the certifications available for the two methodologies used in project management: PMP (Project Management Professional) and Six Sigma.

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