Ch 3: Six Sigma Tools & Processes

About This Chapter

Employers can help their employees learn about the tools and processes of Six Sigma through this chapter's educational lessons. This chapter will help your employees learn about these tools and processes in a convenient online format.

Six Sigma Tools and Processes - Chapter Summary

Six Sigma features a complex array of tools and processes that any employee will need to know in order to implement Six Sigma effectively in his or her workplace. As a manager, you can ensure that your employees have understood these tools and processes by sharing the text lessons found in this chapter. By reading through these lessons, your employees will learn about such concepts as:

  • The principles and process of Six Sigma
  • Six Sigma techniques and process performance index
  • Statistical tools and analysis of Six Sigma
  • Calculating process Sigma
  • Six Sigma Histogram and project management tools

You could hold a corporate training session during which your staff might go over each of the lessons, or your employees could study on their own time. Once your employees finish different lessons, they can see how much they remember about that topic by answering the questions found in the lesson practice quiz. The chapter concludes with a final exam that will go over the most important points on the subject as a whole.

How It Helps

  • Offers tools: These lessons offer employees information about the different Six Sigma tools relevant to their workplaces.
  • Explains concepts: Included in these lessons are explanations of the different concepts and techniques related to each process and how it can help with the implementation of Six Sigma as a whole.
  • Provides examples: By providing employees with helpful examples of these processes, these lessons will serve as invaluable educational resources for necessary Six Sigma tools.

Skills Covered

Upon finishing these lessons, your employees will be able to:

  • Identify the different tools related to Six Sigma techniques
  • Understand how these tools will help improve their own workplaces
  • Work towards implementing these tools and processes in their careers
  • Use these tools to make their workplaces more efficient

6 Lessons in Chapter 3: Six Sigma Tools & Processes
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Six Sigma: Principles & Process

1. Six Sigma: Principles & Process

How can companies boost profits by lowering mistakes made? In this lesson, we'll examine the Six Sigma program, including what it is, where it came from, the key principles of Six Sigma, and the DMAIC process used in Six Sigma programs.

Six Sigma Techniques

2. Six Sigma Techniques

Six Sigma methodology includes a variety of tools that are used in quality initiatives. This lesson provides an overview of the most common Six Sigma techniques and their appropriate use in the project cycle.

Six Sigma: Statistical Tools & Analysis

3. Six Sigma: Statistical Tools & Analysis

Six Sigma projects incorporate the use of many tools and techniques to enable continuous improvement. This lesson will focus on the statistical tools that are used in Six Sigma and the accompanying analysis of the results.

How to Calculate Process Sigma

4. How to Calculate Process Sigma

Calculating a process Sigma level is an excellent way to measure accuracy and efficiency in a number of business processes. Although it may appear complex, this lesson will simplify the formula so you could apply it to your process of concern.

Six Sigma Histogram: Examples & Tutorial

5. Six Sigma Histogram: Examples & Tutorial

Six Sigma methodology contains powerful tools for use in quality improvement initiatives. The histogram is one of the most frequently used tools. This lesson discusses how it fits in the project and provides examples for its proper use.

Six Sigma Project Management Tools

6. Six Sigma Project Management Tools

This lesson examines Six Sigma and the main project management tools that are used to carry out Six Sigma related process improvement initiatives. The lesson describes and evaluates these tools.

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