Ch 4: Sleep & Sedation in Critical Care

About This Chapter

Ensure you fully understand sleep and sedation in critical care by reviewing short and engaging lessons. Examine disturbed sleep patterns, and review the basics of moderate sedation and moderate conscious sedation.

Sleep & Sedation in Critical Care - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

How much do you already know about sleep and sedation in critical care? This chapter can help you find out! Fun lessons and short quizzes can enhance and test your understanding of disturbed sleep patterns, moderate sedation and more. If you need to clarify information covered in this chapter, don't hesitate to submit your questions to our experts. A practice exam is also available to reinforce concepts examined in all of the lessons. Completing this chapter can help you understand:

  • Symptoms and diagnosis of disturbed sleep patterns
  • The nursing care plan for disturbed sleep patterns
  • Policy, guidelines and drugs for moderate sedation
  • Basics of moderate conscious sedation
  • Patient delirium management

Lesson Objective
Disturbed Sleep Patterns: Diagnosis & Symptoms Study the diagnosis and symptoms of disturbed sleep patterns.
Disturbed Sleep Patterns: Nursing Care Plan Examine the care plan used in nursing when managing disturbed sleep patterns.
Moderate Sedation: Definition, Policy & Guidelines Define moderate sedation, and understand its policy and guidelines.
Moderate Sedation Drugs Learn the types of drugs used in moderate sedation.
Moderate Conscious Sedation Understand and describe moderate conscious sedation.
How to Manage Patient Delirium Review steps involved in managing patient delirium.

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