Ch 17: Software for Managerial Accounting

About This Chapter

Use the engaging video and text lessons in this chapter to learn essential information about software for managerial accounting. The quizzes at the end of each lesson allow you to test your knowledge of the subject.

Software for Managerial Accounting- Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

Software can help in many different accounting processes. There are also drawbacks to some accounting software programs. It is important to understand the available accounting software in order to use it properly. This chapter provides an overview of software for managerial accounting. The instructors in this chapter will use brief video and text lessons to explain these programs and help you learn their characteristics. Quizzes are also available in each lesson to help you gauge your knowledge of the subject.

  • The benefits and limitations of accounting software
  • Uses of enterprise software
  • Different types of transaction processing systems
  • What supply chain management is and how it is important
  • How management information systems can help managers make decisions
  • What systems are designed for upper-level management
  • Database and spreadsheet programs
  • Ways to use quick analysis in Excel

Lesson Objective
Computerized Accounting Software: Advantages & Disadvantages Compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of different accounting software.
Enterprise Software for Business Applications Distinguish how this tool can help workers share information.
Transaction Processing Systems (TPS): Batch and Real-Time Systems Outline the different types of transaction processing systems.
Supply Chain Management in the Business, Supplier & Customer Network Calculate how supply chain management has the ability to cut costs and improve customer service.
Management Information Systems (MIS): Manager Decision-Making Tools Critique the reports that can be generated by management information systems.
Applications of Management Information Systems (MIS): Financial, Marketing, Manufacturing & Human Resources Connect the applications of management information systems.
Executive Information Systems (EIS): Upper Management Decision-Making Tools Consider how this tool can help managers make decisions.
Database and Spreadsheet Software: Excel, Access, dBase & Lotus 1-2-3 Assess the strengths of these software programs in manipulating data.
Quick Analysis in Excel Survey this tool and its ability to add charts to your worksheet.

Chapter Practice Exam
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