Ch 7: Soil & Land Pollution & Conservation

About This Chapter

Utilize these lessons on soil and land pollution and conservation to increase your understanding of deforestation, desertification, and sustainable soil use. The learning tools in this chapter can help you feel poised and ready to take an exam or engage in a class discussion.

Soil & Land Pollution & Conservation - Chapter Summary

This chapter on soil and land pollution and conservation can help you quickly get up to speed on topics including the causes of land pollution and land competition. Our expert instructors also help you review ways to combat deforestation and some of the causes of land pollution. After completing the chapter, you should be able to:

  • Explain the consequences of deforestation
  • Discuss how desertification is accelerated by human activity
  • Recall the results of land pollution
  • Describe the impact of soil erosion on plants
  • List soil conservation techniques
  • Discuss the exploitation of land in the developing world
  • Recount ways to prevent land pollution

A multiple-choice quiz is available to test your understanding after each lesson, and the quizzes can be printed for use as an additional study tool. Vocabulary words are highlighted in bold for quick reference and review. You can use your personal Dashboard to track your progress through the chapter and see what topics you've mastered.

5 Lessons in Chapter 7: Soil & Land Pollution & Conservation
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Deforestation: Definition, Causes & Consequences

1. Deforestation: Definition, Causes & Consequences

Deforestation is the clearing of trees without the intent of replacing them or reestablishing a stand of trees. Learn reasons for deforestation and discover the consequences of this process in all forests, including tropical forests.

Desertification Caused by Human Activity

2. Desertification Caused by Human Activity

The earth is constantly changing, and one very dramatic and important change is from fertile land to deserts. This process of desertification can occur naturally, but is often caused or accelerated by human actions. Humans can accelerate this process by overgrazing, poor irrigation techniques, diverting rivers, and deforestation. This large issue is a global problem that must be combated.

What is Land Pollution? - Causes & Consequences

3. What is Land Pollution? - Causes & Consequences

This lesson defines land pollution and then explores some of the major causes, such as municipal solid waste, and consequences, like cancer, of the pollution of our land.

Soil Conservation: Fighting Soil Erosion With Sustainable Soil Use

4. Soil Conservation: Fighting Soil Erosion With Sustainable Soil Use

In this lesson, you will learn about the causes of soil erosion and the impacts it has on plants and other resources. You will also learn about how erosion is prevented through land use and land monitoring.

Controlling & Preventing Land Pollution

5. Controlling & Preventing Land Pollution

In this lesson, you'll be learning about ways that we can prevent land pollution and control current cases. We'll go over using reforestation, alternative energy, and sustainable forest grazing as ways people can improve land pollution.

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