Ch 6: Space Planning

About This Chapter

If you have an interest in learning much more about space planning, this chapter was made for you. In an effort to improve your grades or prepare for an exam, this chapter can help you obtain those goals.

Space Planning - Chapter Summary

In this chapter, the instructor will use easy-to-follow language to help you understand information about space planning. Specific topics in this chapter include library and office space planning. After you've finished using the lessons and taking the online self-assessment quizzes, you should have learned the following:

  • What the basics of space planning are
  • The relationship between interior design and space planning
  • How to follow the guidelines needed for office space planning
  • Steps for planning spaces in warehouses, and crawl spaces

6 Lessons in Chapter 6: Space Planning
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What Is Space Planning? - Basics & Architecture

1. What Is Space Planning? - Basics & Architecture

Space planning is a detailed analysis that helps determine how a space will function. Learn the basics of space planning and how it is applied to architecture.

Interior Design & Space Planning

2. Interior Design & Space Planning

In the world of interior design, several factors go into the process of space planning. Learn relevant definitions and review the various phases of interior design, including programming & pre-design, diagramming & space planning, block planning, preliminary design, and design development.

Office Space Planning: Guidelines & Standards

3. Office Space Planning: Guidelines & Standards

Office space planning is more than just arranging furniture. Good space planning allows a business's employees to work together in the most efficient way.

Library Space Planning

4. Library Space Planning

Libraries must be well-designed to enable patrons to find books and other resources, as well as have places to sit and read or do other activities, such as viewing a video. Learn about library space planning for different types of libraries and how to plan for future needs and sustainability.

Warehouse Space Planning

5. Warehouse Space Planning

When a business is planning to open, there are many questions that need to be answered. Where will the excess inventory go? It can't all fit in the business. Businesses need well-planned warehouses so they can have a place to store their extra inventory.

Crawl Space Planning

6. Crawl Space Planning

This lesson discusses crawl spaces in home planning and construction. Specific topics include the decision to build a crawl space instead of a basement, types of crawl spaces, and environmental concerns with crawl space design.

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