Ch 10: Speech Therapy Activities & Materials

About This Chapter

You might have a student in your class in need of or receiving speech therapy. Use the lessons in this chapter to enhance your knowledge of speech therapy materials, activities and tools, which could be useful if you are modifying lesson plans or devising classroom activities to facilitate the learning experience for your special needs students.

Speech Therapy Activities & Materials - Chapter Summary

What do speech therapists use to help students with communication disabilities? What exercises can help adults overcome these types of disabilities? Build a strong understanding of speech therapy options and activities that might help you develop proper teaching strategies for these students. This chapter will cover the following:

  • Scenarios for effective adult speech therapy activities
  • Common and additional tools used by speech therapists
  • Types of narrative activities for students with speech disorders
  • What speech therapy is, what speech therapists do and their roles in school and adult settings

Prepared mainly by professional speech therapists, these brief text lessons address topics in a clear and engaging manner. In some cases, you will be able to measure what you have retained from the lessons and in what areas you need further review by taking self-assessment quizzes.

How It Helps

  • Outlines common speech therapy activities: Helps you understand how speech therapy works by providing details about therapeutic activities.
  • Identifies speech therapy tools: Shows you effective tools used by speech therapists that you might be able to implement in your own classroom.
  • Explains career requirements: Lists educational and certification requirements for speech therapists if you are considering this type of career in the educational field.

Skills Covered

By the end of this chapter, you will be able to:

  • Discuss treatments for adult speech disorder patients
  • Identify tools used for speech therapy purposes
  • Understand and utilize narrative activities for students with communication disorders
  • Define speech therapy and explain what speech therapists do

13 Lessons in Chapter 10: Speech Therapy Activities & Materials
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Speech Therapy Materials & Tools

1. Speech Therapy Materials & Tools

Speech therapists provide intervention to people with communication disabilities. It takes training, planning, and the proper tools to complete clinical exercises. This article discusses some commonly used speech therapy tools and materials.

What is Speech Therapy? - Definition & Requirements

2. What is Speech Therapy? - Definition & Requirements

This lesson provides insight into speech therapy, which helps people improve their speech production as well as expressive and receptive language skills. Learn the definition of speech therapy and the requirements for becoming a speech therapist.

Narrative Activities for Speech Therapy

3. Narrative Activities for Speech Therapy

If you are a classroom teacher who works with children who have speech and language struggles, it can be very helpful to incorporate narrative activities into your classroom practice. The activities in this lesson will help get you started!

Speech Therapy Exercises & Activities for Adults

4. Speech Therapy Exercises & Activities for Adults

This lesson gives examples of adults in need of speech therapy exercises and activities, and outlines specific exercises and activities to meet those unique needs.

Using Visual Aids in Speech Therapy

5. Using Visual Aids in Speech Therapy

This lesson explains how visual aids are helpful in everyday life, as well as in a speech therapist's practice. It also provides examples of some commonly used visual aids in speech therapy.

Stuttering Modification: Goals & Strategies

6. Stuttering Modification: Goals & Strategies

Students who stutter can really struggle with self esteem and communication skills. This lesson helps you think about goals and strategies that will help these students modify their stutter..

Stuttering Strategies for Elementary Students

7. Stuttering Strategies for Elementary Students

Having a stutter can be incredibly challenging for students in elementary school. This lesson offers some strategies you can use to help your students speak in a more fluent and relaxed way.

Stuttering Speech Therapy Activities

8. Stuttering Speech Therapy Activities

If you are working with someone that has a stutter, the activities in this lesson are for you! The speech therapy activities offered here are gentle, meaningful, and helpful for those struggling with stuttering.

Stuttering Fluency Activities

9. Stuttering Fluency Activities

Getting students who stutter to practice fluency can be challenging. This lesson offers fluency activities to help children learn about their stuttering tendencies and practice reduction techniques.

'What' Questions for Speech Therapy

10. 'What' Questions for Speech Therapy

Children with language delays often have difficulty answering questions. This lesson will give you some ideas for practicing 'what' questions with your students, which will help them communicate with their family and friends.

'Wh' Questions for Speech Therapy Activities

11. 'Wh' Questions for Speech Therapy Activities

This asset offers multiple activities to assist children with understanding how to ask and answer 'Wh' questions like who, when and where. The activities can be used for individual or group practice.

Speech Therapy Word Retrieval Activities

12. Speech Therapy Word Retrieval Activities

Word retrieval is an important skill when helping your speech therapy students develop their vocabulary and think of familiar words on the spot. Use these activities with students of any age to help them practice these important skills.

Word Retrieval Activities for Adults with Aphasia

13. Word Retrieval Activities for Adults with Aphasia

Helping adults with word retrieval skills can be a challenge. Use these simple activities to engage participants in identifying synonyms and antonyms, defining images, and finding words related to a sequence of events.

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