Ch 10: Speech Therapy Strategies & Activities

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If you need to study speech therapy strategies and activities for an upcoming exam, this chapter is for you. Inside, you'll find expertly taught lessons and quizzes that can be accessed on any device that has an Internet connection.

Speech Therapy Strategies & Activities - Chapter Summary

This self-paced study guide chapter covers speech therapy activities and strategies through expert instruction, concise definitions and illustrative examples. As you work through our simple lessons, you'll refresh your understanding of speech-related classroom tools, narrative activities, questioning methods, games and more. You'll also take a look at developmental concepts regarding pragmatic language skills and stuttering. By the end of the chapter, you should be able to:

  • Recognize speech therapy requirements, materials and tools
  • Explain how teachers can make classroom modifications for language and speech disorders
  • Use visual aids and narrative activities in speech therapy
  • Evaluate stuttering modifications, strategies and activities
  • Assess the use of 'what' questions in speech therapy
  • Help children with pragmatic language impairments and skills
  • Discuss the use of pragmatic language games

When you finish a lesson, you'll be able to immediately reinforce your knowledge by taking a short quiz. Take the chapter exam to master these speech therapy concepts. The Ask the Expert feature allows you to submit any questions you may have about the material, and the chapter's 24/7 availability makes it easy to study at any time that fits your schedule.

13 Lessons in Chapter 10: Speech Therapy Strategies & Activities
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What is Speech Therapy? - Definition & Requirements

1. What is Speech Therapy? - Definition & Requirements

This lesson provides insight into speech therapy, which helps people improve their speech production as well as expressive and receptive language skills. Learn the definition of speech therapy and the requirements for becoming a speech therapist.

Speech Therapy Materials & Tools

2. Speech Therapy Materials & Tools

Speech therapists provide intervention to people with communication disabilities. It takes training, planning, and the proper tools to complete clinical exercises. This article discusses some commonly used speech therapy tools and materials.

Classroom Modifications for Speech & Language Disorders

3. Classroom Modifications for Speech & Language Disorders

Students who have speech and language disorders can still succeed in the classroom. This lesson offers some modifications that will help these students learn.

Using Visual Aids in Speech Therapy

4. Using Visual Aids in Speech Therapy

This lesson explains how visual aids are helpful in everyday life, as well as in a speech therapist's practice. It also provides examples of some commonly used visual aids in speech therapy.

Narrative Activities for Speech Therapy

5. Narrative Activities for Speech Therapy

If you are a classroom teacher who works with children who have speech and language struggles, it can be very helpful to incorporate narrative activities into your classroom practice. The activities in this lesson will help get you started!

Stuttering Modification: Goals & Strategies

6. Stuttering Modification: Goals & Strategies

Students who stutter can really struggle with self esteem and communication skills. This lesson helps you think about goals and strategies that will help these students modify their stutter..

Stuttering Strategies for Elementary Students

7. Stuttering Strategies for Elementary Students

Having a stutter can be incredibly challenging for students in elementary school. This lesson offers some strategies you can use to help your students speak in a more fluent and relaxed way.

Stuttering Speech Therapy Activities

8. Stuttering Speech Therapy Activities

If you are working with someone that has a stutter, the activities in this lesson are for you! The speech therapy activities offered here are gentle, meaningful, and helpful for those struggling with stuttering.

Stuttering Fluency Activities

9. Stuttering Fluency Activities

Getting students who stutter to practice fluency can be challenging. This lesson offers fluency activities to help children learn about their stuttering tendencies and practice reduction techniques.

'What' Questions for Speech Therapy

10. 'What' Questions for Speech Therapy

Children with language delays often have difficulty answering questions. This lesson will give you some ideas for practicing 'what' questions with your students, which will help them communicate with their family and friends.

How to Help a Child with Pragmatic Language Impairment

11. How to Help a Child with Pragmatic Language Impairment

Helping children develop their pragmatics is an important part of assisting their language development as well as their social and emotional growth. This lesson gives you some ideas about how to help students with pragmatic language impairments.

Teaching Pragmatic Language Skills

12. Teaching Pragmatic Language Skills

Do you have students who struggle to use appropriate verbal and nonverbal language in different social situations? Then this is the lesson for you! Read on for fun activities that will increase your students' pragmatic skills starting today!

Pragmatic Language Games

13. Pragmatic Language Games

Use this lesson to help guide your students in developing and practicing appropriate pragmatic skills. Fun and engaging games and activities are suggested for you to use in your classroom in small and whole-group settings.

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