Ch 12: Sports, Physical Activity & Fitness

About This Chapter

Affirm your understanding of exercise program components and take another look at sports etiquette and injury prevention. You'll also get a refresher on the health benefits associated with regular physical activity.

Sports, Physical Activity & Fitness - Chapter Summary

Watch this chapter's engaging video lessons or read the transcripts to review what it takes to develop proficiency in a variety of physical activities. You can also revisit the mental health, fitness and performance gains that result from regular physical activity in addition to the social benefits associated with participation in sports.

Our experienced instructors also discuss the elements of exercise programs designed to improve an individual's flexibility, strength and cardiovascular endurance, while additional lessons go over sports etiquette and safety protocols as well as methods for preventing and treating injuries. Topics of instruction include:

  • Competent sports performance
  • Benefits of physical activity
  • Exercise program components
  • Sports and fitness etiquette
  • Injury treatment and prevention

This chapter is taught by expert instructors who hit on all the important considerations for participating in an exercise program, sport or outdoor activity. Plus, instruction is broken down into short video lessons for your convenience. Take on as many at a time as you'd like and complete the multiple-choice quizzes when you're ready to see how much of the material you've mastered.

7 Lessons in Chapter 12: Sports, Physical Activity & Fitness
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Competent Performance in Sports & Activities

1. Competent Performance in Sports & Activities

In this lesson we review the mental and physical aspects of competence performance in sports, as well as team building and training in team sports and activities.

The Benefits of Regular Physical Activity: Mental Health, Stress & Life Span

2. The Benefits of Regular Physical Activity: Mental Health, Stress & Life Span

The mind and body can greatly benefit from even 30 minutes of exercise a day. Find out exactly what impact regular exercise can have on your mind, body, and lifespan in this video lesson.

Physical Activity: Health, Fitness and Performance

3. Physical Activity: Health, Fitness and Performance

Physical activity is any movement of your muscles that uses energy. Physical activity helps you achieve better health, fitness and performance. Learn how the overload principle and specificity principle improve your fitness and performance.

Components of Exercise Programs: Aerobics, Strength Training & Stretching

4. Components of Exercise Programs: Aerobics, Strength Training & Stretching

Ever wonder what stretching, strength training, and aerobic exercises are? You'll learn about them in this lesson. You'll also find out what some basic recommendations are for each type of exercise.

Physical, Social and Emotional Benefits of Participating in Sports

5. Physical, Social and Emotional Benefits of Participating in Sports

Participation in sports has a positive impact on youth. This lesson will examine some of the physical, social, and emotional benefits that are gained through athletics.

Fitness, Sports & Activities Etiquette

6. Fitness, Sports & Activities Etiquette

Etiquette guidelines may not be posted anywhere, but you are still expected to follow them. Learn some fundamental ways you can improve your etiquette in sports and fitness activities.

Preventing & Treating Fitness Injuries

7. Preventing & Treating Fitness Injuries

Injuries are a risk whenever you start a fitness program. Learn about ways to prevent common injuries, such as sprains and strains, as well as how to treat them using the RICE method, which stands for rest, ice, compress and elevate, in this lesson.

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