Ch 19: Sports & Recreational Activities for PE

About This Chapter

This chapter takes a look at sports and recreational activities that are used in physical education. This includes basic information on skills that are necessary, rules of the game, and definitions of applicable terms.

Sports & Recreational Activities for PE - Chapter Summary

These lessons will expose you to principles, techniques and equipment needed for playing basketball. They'll also highlight the importance of knowing how to dribble, kick, trap the ball and defend the goal in soccer, and the required skills for both the beginning and intermediate student of swimming.

Other sports covered in these lessons include tennis, track and field, volleyball and softball. You will get to know such information as:

  • Basketball-related activities and skills
  • Responsibilities of soccer players and rules of the game of soccer
  • Basic skills for playing soccer
  • Swimming biomechanics
  • Safety concerns regarding aquatic activities
  • Rules and scoring in tennis
  • Tennis safety and terms used in tennis
  • Rules of track and field
  • Skills that are valuable in volleyball and softball
  • Rules of volleyball
  • Necessary equipment for the game of softball
  • Drills for softball players and lead-up games

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13 Lessons in Chapter 19: Sports & Recreational Activities for PE
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Basketball Skills, Activities & Safety

1. Basketball Skills, Activities & Safety

Who hasn't been impressed by basketball greats like Magic Johnson and Larry Bird? In this lesson, we'll define the different offensive and defensive basketball skills and highlight activities to improve them, as well as review safety practices. We'll also delve into the mental side of the sport.

The Rules of Soccer & Responsibilities of Players

2. The Rules of Soccer & Responsibilities of Players

Soccer is the world's most popular sport. Its rules and the roles of soccer players are easy to learn and coach. In this lesson, learn about the details that frame 'the beautiful game.'

Basic Soccer Skills

3. Basic Soccer Skills

Successful soccer players must master a number of basic skills, including dribbling, kicking, and trapping the ball. In this lesson, you'll learn how to effectively control and move a soccer ball around the field, as well as the techniques involved in defending the goal.

Swimming Skills & Biomechanics

4. Swimming Skills & Biomechanics

Whether you are new to swimming or have a lot of experience, there is always something else to learn about the sport. This lesson contains progressions for beginning through intermediate skill levels for both sports.

Safety in Aquatic-Related Activities

5. Safety in Aquatic-Related Activities

Water sports and activities are a great way to spend time with friends and family. Being safe during these activities can help prevent accidents, making the time spent on the water more enjoyable for you and everyone else.

Tennis Rules & Scoring

6. Tennis Rules & Scoring

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world, enjoyed and watched by tens of millions of people. In this lesson, learn about the rules and scoring in tennis as well as some of the sport's unique language.

Tennis Terms & Safety

7. Tennis Terms & Safety

This lesson explains the basics of tennis terms and how to stay safe while playing. While it may look like a complicated sport, tennis is actually pretty straightforward when you understand the terms. Tennis, anyone?

Track & Field Rules

8. Track & Field Rules

Have you ever been to a large track and field competition? There are usually a lot of events going on at once. This lesson gives an overview of etiquette and rules for the various events.

Volleyball Skills

9. Volleyball Skills

You may have played volleyball at the last church social, but if you want to be more competitive at the sport, you'll need to learn and practice the five basic volleyball shots. This lesson describes the shots you'll need to know to be the king or queen of the court.

Volleyball Rules

10. Volleyball Rules

In this lesson, we explore the basics of the game of volleyball and the rules which must be followed in order to serve, set, and spike your way to victory in a match.

Equipment Necessary for Softball

11. Equipment Necessary for Softball

Did you know that there are two types of softball commonly played in the United States? This lesson will briefly explain the differences between the two types and the equipment necessary for each. Afterwards, there is a short quiz.

Basic Softball Skills

12. Basic Softball Skills

First time playing softball? Don't really know what you've gotten yourself into? No worries! This lesson describes the basic skills you will need to play the game.

Softball Drills & Lead-up Games

13. Softball Drills & Lead-up Games

In this lesson, we highlight just a few of the drills and lead-up games that can help turn a group of casual softball players into an expert softball team.

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