Ch 8: Star Formation & Evolution

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15 Lessons in Chapter 8: Star Formation & Evolution
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Gas Giants: Definition & Explanation

1. Gas Giants: Definition & Explanation

In this lesson, you will learn about the group of planets composed mainly of gas, called the gas giants. You will read about theories regarding their formation, common properties of the group of gas giants and information specific to each gas giant planet.

Massive Star: Definition, Facts & Life Cycle

2. Massive Star: Definition, Facts & Life Cycle

Massive stars are just as interesting as they are huge. If you want to learn some big facts about some enormous entities, then check out this lesson for information about the lives of these super stars.

Solar Flare: Definition & Effects

3. Solar Flare: Definition & Effects

This lesson will explain what a solar flare is, how we think they form, and describe the effects of a particularly large solar flare on the Earth. A short quiz will follow.

Sunspot: Definition, Cycle & Theory

4. Sunspot: Definition, Cycle & Theory

Sunspots are dark regions on the sun that have been observed since the time of Galileo. It is believed that sunspots are areas of high magnetism on the sun. This lesson will cover information about sunspots.

Supernova: Definition & Explanation

5. Supernova: Definition & Explanation

In this lesson you will learn the definition of a supernova and what conditions are necessary for a star to become a supernova. You will also learn what happens to the star after the supernova.

Average Star: Definition & Life Cycle

6. Average Star: Definition & Life Cycle

Stars come in all sorts of colors and sizes, but many of them are actually quite similar. This lesson will shed some twinkling light on the characteristics and life cycle of the average sun-like star.

Red Giant: Definition & Facts

7. Red Giant: Definition & Facts

If you think Hagrid from 'Harry Potter' is big, then check out this lesson. Red giant stars give the word 'giant' a whole new meaning! You will also learn a thing or two about what makes a star tick on the inside.

White Dwarf: Definition & Size

8. White Dwarf: Definition & Size

White dwarfs are not related to Snow White's roommates, although both enjoy a relatively small stature. This lesson will provide you with the details of what it takes to be a white dwarf star.

Betelgeuse: Facts & Size

9. Betelgeuse: Facts & Size

You don't need a super-giant brain to learn about this red supergiant star. Betelgeuse, of the Orion constellation, won't be around forever, so play it safe and learn about it now.

Main-Sequence Star: Definition & Facts

10. Main-Sequence Star: Definition & Facts

A main sequence star is a star that is in the longest stage of its life. In this lesson, you will learn the characteristics of this phase, how it starts, and how it ends.

Red Supergiant: Definition, Facts & Life Cycle

11. Red Supergiant: Definition, Facts & Life Cycle

This lesson defines red supergiants and provides some interesting facts and life cycle information. Check your knowledge with a quiz that follows the lesson.

Stars: Definition & Facts

12. Stars: Definition & Facts

Before you name a star after someone, get the facts! Stars are a lot more than pretty lights up in the sky. Complete this lesson to learn more about nuclear fusion, main sequence stars, red giants, and more.

Supergiant Star: Definition & Facts

13. Supergiant Star: Definition & Facts

Our sun is a star, but did you know that it is an average star? The universe is home to many different kinds of stars including the supergiants, stars that are up to 12 times as massive as our little star.

The Sun's Chromosphere: Definition, Temperature & Facts

14. The Sun's Chromosphere: Definition, Temperature & Facts

In this lesson, we'll learn what the chromosphere is and some facts about it. We'll cover the location in the sun's atmosphere, the temperature and the composition of the layer; you'll also learn what spicules protruding from this layer are.

The Sun's Photosphere: Definition & Temperature

15. The Sun's Photosphere: Definition & Temperature

This lesson will explain what we mean by the photosphere of the Sun, and describe it's properties, including temperature and pressure. A short quiz will follow.

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