Ch 35: Star Types & Life Cycle

About This Chapter

Watch the engaging video lessons in this chapter to learn more about star clusters, binary stars and supernova as you study about star types and their life cycles. Take self-assessment quizzes to gauge your comprehension of the materials.

Star Types & Life Cycle - Chapter Summary

Use the video lessons in this chapter to take a closer look at star types and their life cycles. Instructors in the lessons introduce you to types of stars in the galaxy by size and color, while examining types of star clusters and the definition of binary stars. You'll also examine the supergiant star and its life cycle, as well as what occurs during a supernova.

Watching the videos will also offer insight into the definitions and life cycles of neutron stars and black holes. Upon completion of this chapter, you should be able to:

  • Identify types of stars by size, color and life cycle
  • Define main sequence stars
  • Explain the life cycle of neutron stars and black holes
  • Describe the supernova and supergiant star life cycle
  • Identify types of star clusters

The comprehensive video lessons in this chapter offer easy-to-understand online instruction that allows you to study and review materials at your own pace. Expert instructors present the materials in a fun and entertaining manner, offering step-by-step guidance and engaging visual effects. The lessons also offer self-assessment quizzes designed to test your comprehension of the materials. The quizzes come with links that take you back to specific sections of the video lessons if you get stuck on a question. You can also access video transcripts if you want a written copy of the lessons. Instructors are available to answer any questions you have about this chapter.

7 Lessons in Chapter 35: Star Types & Life Cycle
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Types of Stars by Size, Color and Life Cycle

1. Types of Stars by Size, Color and Life Cycle

Learn to identify the different sizes and colors of stars and how they relate to the star life cycle. In this lesson, we'll talk about spectral classification, how many stars there are of each type and the approximate color of the different classes of stars.

What is a Main Sequence Star?

2. What is a Main Sequence Star?

This lesson will explain what a main sequence star is and how it evolves. You'll also learn about how the sun ages as a main sequence star and how that will affect life on Earth.

Types of Star Clusters

3. Types of Star Clusters

Our lesson will explore what star clusters are, the two types of star clusters, and their characteristics and differences as well as how we can figure out their ages using the H-R diagram.

What Are Binary Stars?

4. What Are Binary Stars?

This lesson defines binary stars and describes the different kinds, including visual binary, astrometric binary, spectroscopic binary, and eclipsing binary stars. We'll also describe how orbits and mass relate to one another in a binary star system.

Supernova and Supergiant Star Life Cycle

5. Supernova and Supergiant Star Life Cycle

Learn about one of the biggest explosions known to humankind - a supernova. Follow a star's life cycle and learn how a star changes from a red giant to a supernova to a black hole or neutron star.

Life Cycle of Neutron Stars

6. Life Cycle of Neutron Stars

Discover the life of a neutron star, including how it's born after a supernova explosion and how its extreme pressure causes protons and electrons to combine into neutrons. Discover also how pulsars are rotating neutron stars that will eventually slow down to become regular neutron stars.

Life Cycle of Black Holes

7. Life Cycle of Black Holes

Learn about black holes, their myths and their reality. Learn how black holes form after stars undergo supernovae and create singularities. Discover how big black holes grow, how scientists find black holes and where black holes are located in the universe.

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