Ch 4: States of Consciousness in Psychology

About This Chapter

Watch video lessons and learn about the sleep cycle, hypnosis, meditation and more. These lessons are just a portion of Study.com's Intro to Psychology course.

States of Consciousness - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

In this chapter, professional instructors teach you how awareness, or consciousness, develops as humans compare personal values with behavior. You'll get info on the different stages that take place while you're asleep and learn about how hypnosis and meditation create altered states of consciousness. At the end of this chapter you'll be familiar with:

  • Automatic and deliberate behaviors
  • Five stages of sleep
  • Major theories about dreams
  • Methods for reaching an altered state of consciousness
  • Types of psychoactive drugs

Video Objective
Intro to States of Consciousness Discuss self-awareness and defines consciousness. Review related modern-day studies and describe the concept of altered states of consciousness.
Sleep Cycle Examine circadian rhythms and the five stages that take place during sleep. Detail the process of rapid eye movement and define sleep disorders.
Why Do We Sleep and Dream? Explain why sleep is an important component of human function and assess popular dream theories. Examine psychoanalytic theory, activation-synthesis theory and psychotherapeutic theory.
Hypnosis and Meditation Describe two methods for reaching an altered state of consciousness without drugs. Explain how suggestion is used in hypnosis and find out about some key psychologists in this field.
Psychoactive Drugs Identify the four primary psychoactive drugs and list examples of each. Discuss the effects that different drugs have on people.

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