Ch 4: Strategies for Managing Student Aggression

About This Chapter

These helpful teacher resources offer effective strategies for managing student aggression in the classroom. These lessons cover various types of childhood aggression, bullying, anger and more.

Strategies for Managing Student Aggression - Chapter Summary

This collection of teacher resources is designed to help teachers and educators better manage student aggression in the classroom. Using short and informative lessons, the chapter enables you to understand the causes of aggressive behavior and apply strategies to reduce problematic behaviors in your classrooms. You'll also study strategies to help students cope with bullying and manage their anger.

You can make sure you're ready to implement these strategies by taking the included lesson quizzes and chapter exam. These resources are also available to access at any time using your computer, mobile device or tablet.

How It Helps

  • Improves classroom management: These strategies can help you alleviate problematic behavior in the classroom and help students manage their anger.
  • Sharpens developmental understanding: You'll deeply understand the underlying causes of early childhood aggression.
  • Builds awareness: These resources help you improve your understanding of the various forms of student aggression and bullying.

Skills Covered

After reviewing these teacher resources, you'll be equipped to:

  • Understand how various types of aggression manifest during early childhood
  • Recognize different bullying forms and help bullied students cope with it
  • Manage student aggression in the classroom and mitigate aggressive behavior
  • Know how stress relates to anger management
  • Define passive aggression and the frustration-aggression theory
  • Apply anger management coping skills
  • Outline various anger management techniques for children and teens

8 Lessons in Chapter 4: Strategies for Managing Student Aggression
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What is Bullying? - Definition, Types & Coping Strategies

1. What is Bullying? - Definition, Types & Coping Strategies

In this lesson, we examine different forms of bullying and identify those who are more likely to be bullies, as well as those who are more likely to be victimized. We also discuss warning signs and how we can help others cope with bullying.

Dealing with Student Aggression in the Classroom

2. Dealing with Student Aggression in the Classroom

In this lesson, we will discuss the best methods for dealing with student aggression in the classroom. In addition to talking about things that teachers can do to diffuse aggressive behavior, we will also explore avenues for preventing this type of behavior.

Stress & Anger Management

3. Stress & Anger Management

Negative stress can actually lead to anger. This is why many anger management techniques are also stress management methods. Learn about positive versus negative stress, the definition of anger, and stress and anger management techniques in this lesson.

Frustration-Aggression Theory: Definition & Principle

4. Frustration-Aggression Theory: Definition & Principle

What is a feeling that can cause aggression and violence? Frustration. In this lesson, we'll focus on the feeling of frustration and how it can lead to aggressive tendencies. With the help of examples, you'll learn about the frustration-aggression theory and its revisions.

Passive Aggression: Definition & Examples

5. Passive Aggression: Definition & Examples

This lesson discusses what passive-aggression is and how it effects relationships. It also gives examples of passive-aggressive behaviors and how to be helpful to someone you may consider passive aggressive.

Coping Skills for Anger Management

6. Coping Skills for Anger Management

In this lesson, learn how anger issues can suddenly surface in your life. Afterwards, identify healthy coping skills that you can utilize when experiencing these sudden outbursts of anger.

Anger Management Techniques for Children

7. Anger Management Techniques for Children

In this lesson, you will learn the symptoms of anger as well as a variety of tasks for anger management for children. Following the lesson will be a brief quiz.

Anger Management Techniques for Teens

8. Anger Management Techniques for Teens

Teens have a lot going on and plenty to be angry about. Anger management techniques help teens stop their anger from producing irrational and harmful results. Teens, and individuals helping teens, can learn ways to stop anger from being destructive in this lesson.

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