Ch 6: Structuralism in Psychology

About This Chapter

Review the engaging lessons in this online chapter to strengthen your understanding of structuralism in psychology. Short quizzes accompanying the lessons test your comprehension as you aim to pass a test, understand an assignment or improve your grades.

Structuralism in Psychology - Chapter Summary

Use this chapter to develop a quality understanding of the historical contexts, major figures and important theories in structuralism. Top instructors provide in-depth analyses of theories developed by Wilhelm Wundt and Edward Titchener and also examine the basics of structuralism in psychology. Review these lessons anytime using any computer or mobile device. Test your understanding with short quizzes and a chapter exam. When finished, you will be ready to:

  • Summarize Wilhelm Wundt's early experiments and legacy in contemporary psychology
  • Analyze Wundt's explanation of introspection
  • Survey Edward Titchener's contributions to the field of psychology
  • Evaluate Titchener's theories of psychology

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