Ch 4: Student-Centered Instructional Strategies for Math

About This Chapter

In these lessons, you will refresh your knowledge of instructional strategies that are used to teach students math. Use this chapter to delve deeper into what you already know about teaching math and perhaps acquire new information that can help improve your classroom.

Student-Centered Instructional Strategies for Math- Chapter Summary

Reintroduce yourself with instructional strategies for math as you progress through these lessons. Let our instructors reinforce your understanding of different student-centered techniques you can use to teach children math. These lessons present the following material:

  • Student-centered instruction
  • Facilitation strategies
  • Cooperative learning
  • Collaborative skills
  • Project-based learning
  • Game-based learning
  • Independent learning

Strengthen your retention of the material by taking our lesson quizzes and chapter tests after you have gone through our lessons. You will get immediate feedback, which allows you to go back into our lessons and review anything you have missed.

How It Helps

  • Reviews learning strategies: You can expand your knowledge on the different ways students learn and the benefits of each strategy.
  • Produces favorable results: When you apply the strategies that are taught to you in this chapter, you will have a classroom full of students who are directly benefiting from your knowledge.
  • Increases critical skills: By applying these techniques, your students will learn important life skills such as teamwork.

Skills Covered

When you finish working through these lessons, you will have the resources to:

  • Understand the numerous benefits of using a student-centered approach in the classroom
  • Review different types of learner-centered strategies that can be used to teach children math
  • Integrate these strategies into your classroom to improve retention and learning
  • Recall how independent learning strategies differ from collaborative strategies

7 Lessons in Chapter 4: Student-Centered Instructional Strategies for Math
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Student-Centered Instruction: Definition, Origin & Benefits

1. Student-Centered Instruction: Definition, Origin & Benefits

Student-centered instruction is an effective method for teaching. This lesson explains what student-centered instruction is and details some of its benefits.

Facilitation Strategies for Learner-Centered Teachers

2. Facilitation Strategies for Learner-Centered Teachers

Being learner-centered can boost a classroom's sense of community and academic achievement. This lesson offers insight into how teachers can facilitate learner-centered environments.

What is Cooperative Learning? - Definition & Methods

3. What is Cooperative Learning? - Definition & Methods

Find out what cooperative learning is and learn about its different elements. Examine how to apply cooperative learning methods in the classroom. After the lesson, you can test your understanding with a quiz.

Collaborative Skills: Definition & Explanation

4. Collaborative Skills: Definition & Explanation

Find out what collaborative skills are and learn about different types of collaborative skills in this lesson. You'll receive a few tips for teaching students about collaborative skills, then you can take a quiz to test your new knowledge.

Project-Based Learning Activities: Types & Examples

5. Project-Based Learning Activities: Types & Examples

Project-based learning is a great way to engage students in authentic application of knowledge and skills. This lesson gives you some ideas for different kinds of project-based learning activities you can incorporate into the classroom.

Game Based Learning: Definition and Examples

6. Game Based Learning: Definition and Examples

In this lesson, we explore game-based learning and its benefits to learners. A little competition can be a good thing when it engages children and encourages them to study harder. A short quiz follows.

Independent Learning Strategies

7. Independent Learning Strategies

Learn about strategies teachers can use to help their students build independent learning skills. Included are the foundations of a good independent learning lesson and some examples of activities teachers can easily implement.

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