Ch 10: Systems of Equations

About This Chapter

The short and engaging video and text lessons in this chapter can boost your knowledge of systems of equations. Learn how to solve linear equations and systems of equations with help from expert instructors.

Systems of Equations - Chapter Summary

Feel confident that you understand systems of equations by reviewing this chapter's entertaining lessons. Learn the definitions and steps for solving various equations and systems of equations. Lessons are accessible anytime and can be reviewed at your leisure. After completing this chapter, you will be ready for the following:

  • Using the Gaussian elimination method to solve simultaneous linear equations
  • Solving a system of linear equations in two variables
  • Graphing to solve a system of equations
  • Solving systems of inequalities by graphing

Tailor the lessons in this chapter to your specific study needs. Review them in any sequence and as often as needed to grasp systems of equations concepts. Test your understanding by taking short lesson quizzes and a chapter exam. Any questions you have about topics covered in this chapter can be sent to our experts.

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