Ch 2: Task Delegation

About This Chapter

This comprehensive corporate training chapter examines important concepts in task delegation. Intended for your company's supervisors, this chapter offers short lessons and self-assessments that can be assigned any time that's convenient.

Task Delegation - Chapter Summary

Help your company's supervisors learn important task delegation skills with this engaging and expertly-taught corporate training chapter. Our experienced instructors will show your supervisors how to assign, delegate, communicate and set expectations for work tasks. They'll also learn methods for preventing mistakes and micromanagement throughout the delegation process.

The chapter is accessible on any computer or mobile device, and our instructors can answer any questions your supervisors may have. We've also included short assessment quizzes throughout the chapter to help supervisors remember key delegation terms and concepts.

How It Helps

  • Builds awareness: The chapter helps instructors become aware of the ways in which delegation can save time in the workplace.
  • Offers helpful delegation tools: Our instructors show supervisors how to effectively use pre-delegation checklists.
  • improves managerial skills: Supervisors who complete the chapter will be able to more effectively set task expectations with employees, communicate delegated tasks, avoid micromanagement and prevent delegation mistakes.

Skills Covered

By the end of the chapter, your supervisors should be able to:

  • Explain the concepts of task structure and task conflict
  • Delegate tasks to improve time management
  • Assign and delegate tasks
  • Set expectations for delegated tasks
  • Use a pre-delegation checklist
  • Communicate delegated tasks
  • Prevent delegation mistakes
  • Avoid micromanagement while delegating

9 Lessons in Chapter 2: Task Delegation
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Task Structure: Definition & Explanation

1. Task Structure: Definition & Explanation

In this lesson, we will learn how a task can be completed effectively by means of task structure. We will define task structure and look at an example. When the lesson concludes, you can take a quiz to test your knowledge.

What Is Task Conflict? - Definition & Explanation

2. What Is Task Conflict? - Definition & Explanation

Learn about the concept of task conflict as well as some of its key components, and see some examples to help illustrate the idea. You'll have a chance to take a short quiz after the lesson.

How to Delegate Tasks as a Form of Time Management

3. How to Delegate Tasks as a Form of Time Management

Time management is important in business. In this lesson, we'll discuss how to use time to your advantage and how delegating tasks can help management and administrators save time.

Deciding How to Assign & Delegate Tasks

4. Deciding How to Assign & Delegate Tasks

Delegation is an essential part of management and can increase you and your team's productivity. This lesson reviews some of the key factors that should be used when deciding how to effectively delegate tasks.

Setting Expectations for Delegated Tasks

5. Setting Expectations for Delegated Tasks

Setting expectations for delegated tasks is necessary for ensuring that the desired results are achieved in a productive and positive manner. This lesson will review how managers can set clear expectations for tasks that are assigned to their staff.

Pre-Delegation Checklist for Supervisors

6. Pre-Delegation Checklist for Supervisors

Successful delegation requires careful planning and a pre-delegation checklist can help. This lesson will review the tasks and considerations that must be done before starting the delegation process.

Communicating Delegated Tasks: Requirements & Examples

7. Communicating Delegated Tasks: Requirements & Examples

In order to delegate well, you need to learn how to communicate effectively. This lesson reviews the requirements for effectively communicating tasks that you need to delegate.

Preventing Delegation Mistakes: Tips & Examples

8. Preventing Delegation Mistakes: Tips & Examples

Delegating is hard enough even without encountering many of the roadblocks that can prevent it from being successful. In this lesson, we'll consider examples of common mistakes and look at tips for avoiding them in the future.

How to Avoid Micromanagement When Delegating

9. How to Avoid Micromanagement When Delegating

In this lesson, learn how micromanaging can actually prevent you and your team from growing and reaching the next level in business success. We'll discuss how you can let your team grow independently from you.

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