Ch 18: Homeschool Resources for 9th Grade English

About This Chapter

The Homeschool Resources chapter of this 9th Grade English Homeschool course is designed to offer homeschool parents new ways to teach, reinforce, and expand upon the topics of 9th Grade English.

Who's it for?

This unit of our 9th Grade English Homeschool course will benefit homeschool parents by providing them with:

  • New ways to teach the concepts in this course
  • Strategies to engage students during the learning process
  • Recommended activities and discussion questions to pair with lessons

How it works:

This helpful collection of homeschool resources offers homeschool parents relevant tools to make planning lessons easy.

  • Integrate these resources into your educational routine to vary instruction and engage your child.
  • Reference our materials as inspiration for your lesson plans, activities, and assignments.

7 Lessons in Chapter 18: Homeschool Resources for 9th Grade English
The Odyssey Lesson Plan

1. The Odyssey Lesson Plan

Teaching Homer's 'The Odyssey' can be challenging. Simplify it with the help of this lesson plan, which includes a video lesson aimed at summarizing the plot and an activity focused on the themes of the poem.

The Raven Lesson Plan

2. The Raven Lesson Plan

This lesson plan and accompanying activity will help your students understand the role of The Raven in American Literature and also as Dark Romantic poetry.

Night by Elie Wiesel Lesson Plan

3. Night by Elie Wiesel Lesson Plan

Elie Wiesel's novel 'Night' is a powerful work loaded with literary aspects. Help students deepen understanding with this lesson plan featuring multiple areas of focus, including theme, characters, and literary devices.

Argumentative Essay Lesson Plan

4. Argumentative Essay Lesson Plan

Of all the writing styles, it can be extremely advantageous to students to master the argumentative essay. Use this lesson plan to teach students elements and format. View samples, then allow students to give it a try.

Primary & Secondary Sources Lesson Plan

5. Primary & Secondary Sources Lesson Plan

Use this lesson plan to guide your instruction on the difference between primary and secondary source documents. View examples in the video lesson, compare, then allow students to give it a try on their own.

Irony Lesson Plan

6. Irony Lesson Plan

Isn't it ironic? Well, sometimes it isn't. Teach students what irony is and isn't, as well as the three types of irony, using this lesson plan. Students will watch an engaging video and then work to identify irony in samples.

Allegory Lesson Plan

7. Allegory Lesson Plan

Do your students know that allegories can tell a story with a message and have a wide variety of formats? If not, use this video-based lesson to guide them through types of allegories and how they're used, then have them apply knowledge with an engaging activity.

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