Ch 23: Homeschool Resources for High School Algebra II

About This Chapter

The Homeschool Resources chapter of the High School Algebra II course is designed to offer homeschool parents new ways to teach, reinforce, & expand upon the topics of high school algebra.

Who's it for?

This unit of our High School Algebra II course will benefit homeschool parents by providing them with:

  • new ways to teach the concepts in this course
  • strategies to engage students during the learning process
  • recommended activities and discussion questions to pair with lessons

How it works:

This helpful collection of homeschool resources offers homeschool parents relevant tools to make planning lessons easy.

  • Integrate these resources into your educational routine to vary instruction and engage your child.
  • Reference our materials as inspiration for your lesson plans, activities, and assignments.

8 Lessons in Chapter 23: Homeschool Resources for High School Algebra II
Imaginary Numbers Lesson Plan

1. Imaginary Numbers Lesson Plan

Teach your students about imaginary numbers with this lesson plan. Students will watch an engaging video explaining the basics of imaginary numbers such as where they come from and how to solve with them. Discussion questions, activities and a quiz will help make concepts memorable.

Rational Roots Theorem Lesson Plan

2. Rational Roots Theorem Lesson Plan

In this lesson, students will learn the Rational Roots Theorem method for generating a list of possible solutions to a polynomial. They will apply their understanding to create an infographic with a description, example, and history of the Theorem.

Quadratic Equation Lesson Plan

3. Quadratic Equation Lesson Plan

Do your students know the fundamentals of quadratic equations? Two video lesson provide an overview and ample opportunities for beginning-level practice. Our related lessons and extensions allow for more advanced study of this topic.

Parabolas Lesson Plan

4. Parabolas Lesson Plan

In this lesson plan, students will learn about the three most common forms of parabolic equations (standard, intercept and vertex) through discussion, quizzes, active games and development of original visual presentations.

Logarithms Lesson Plan

5. Logarithms Lesson Plan

Are you seeking an easier way to teach logarithms? This lesson plan simplifies the process by featuring two video lessons to outline key concepts, both of which allow ample opportunities for practice and discussion.

Arithmetic Sequence Lesson Plan

6. Arithmetic Sequence Lesson Plan

Working on arithmetic sequences? Use this video-based lesson plan to teach the formula an arithmetic sequence. Students then learn reasons the formula makes working with an arithmetic sequence easier. Apply concepts during and after the lesson.

Calculating Permutations Lesson Plan

7. Calculating Permutations Lesson Plan

Educate your students on how to calculate a permutation with this helpful lesson plan. They will watch a video lesson about permutations, participate in a hands on activity, and take an accompanying quiz on permutations to reinforce concepts.

Law of Cosines Lesson Plan

8. Law of Cosines Lesson Plan

This lesson plan introduces the Law of Cosines to students and helps them contextualize this concept by using the Pythagorean Theorem as a basis. A pre-activity reinforces students' previous knowledge of the Pythagorean Theorem, and a post-activity uses student modeling of problems to show conceptual understanding. Throughout the lesson, discussion questions are presented to build upon student's prior knowledge and extend student learning.

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