Ch 18: Homeschool Resources for Poetry in 10th Grade English

About This Chapter

The Homeschool Resources chapter of this 10th Grade English Homeschool course is designed to offer homeschool parents new ways to teach, reinforce, and expand upon poetry.

Who's it for?

This unit of our 10th Grade English Homeschool course will benefit homeschool parents by providing them with:

  • New ways to teach the concepts in this course
  • Strategies to engage students during the learning process
  • Recommended activities and discussion questions to pair with lessons

How It Works:

This helpful collection of homeschool resources offers homeschool parents relevant tools to make planning lessons easy.

  • Integrate these resources into your educational routine to vary instruction and engage your child.
  • Reference our materials as inspiration for your own lesson plans, activities, and assignments.

9 Lessons in Chapter 18: Homeschool Resources for Poetry in 10th Grade English
Poetry Lesson Plan

1. Poetry Lesson Plan

Liven up your instruction on poetry with the help of a video lesson and fun activities. To take your instruction to the next level, consider using the optional supplementary activities and related lessons.

Writing Poetry Lesson Plan

2. Writing Poetry Lesson Plan

If you're about to start a unit on poetry, consider this lesson as a way to get your students excited about literature! This lesson features four easy types of poems that students will have fun writing with an option to extend the lesson by revising and publishing student writing.

Found Poetry Lesson Plan

3. Found Poetry Lesson Plan

Pack a punch in your instruction on found poetry with the help of a video lesson and an interactive activity. Use the discussion questions to further student understanding of rhythm and meter.

Acrostic Poem Lesson Plan

4. Acrostic Poem Lesson Plan

Acrostic poems may seem simple, but they have an interesting history. This lesson guides you through teaching your students about the origin and meaning behind acrostic poems, view examples, then have them give it a try.

Onomatopoeia Lesson Plan

5. Onomatopoeia Lesson Plan

Working on the figurative language subset onomatopoeia? Use this lesson plan to explore and define the topic. Listen to and view examples in text, then follow up with an engaging activity.

Ode in Poetry Lesson Plan

6. Ode in Poetry Lesson Plan

Students have likely heard of an ode, but do they know what it is? Clear up confusion with this lesson plan that uses a video lesson to define the terms, outline forms, and show examples. Students then identify and classify odes in a guided learning experience.

Invictus Poem Lesson Plan

7. Invictus Poem Lesson Plan

When a poem is quoted by people from President Barack Obama to Winston Churchill, it can easily be classified as something significant. The life of its author, William Ernest Henley, was filled with adversity, yet he remained steadfast. This lesson plan will explain his famous poem to your students, as well as break down the form of the poem itself.

Edgar Allan Poe Lesson Plan for High School

8. Edgar Allan Poe Lesson Plan for High School

Are your students familiar with the work of Edgar Allan Poe? A video lesson tells his story and an activity gives students a chance to sample his work. Related lessons and optional activities provided additional resources for related instruction.

Sonnet Lesson Plan

9. Sonnet Lesson Plan

Use this lesson to teach your students the characteristics of a sonnet and examine the history. Provide students with a few samples, and allow them to take a stab at writing some of their own.

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