Ch 5: Teaching A Lesson Before Dying

About This Chapter

This chapter provides you with teaching resources to help develop lessons on ''A Lesson Before Dying.'' With these resources, you can explore various ways to improve your students' participation and retain their interest as you teach them about this novel.

Teaching A Lesson Before Dying - Chapter Summary

Use the resources in this chapter to enhance your lessons on Ernest J. Gaines' A Lesson Before Dying. In it you'll find:

  • A lesson plan for A Lesson Before Dying
  • Related discussion and study questions
  • Easy topics related to the novel
  • Activities to enhance students' comprehension of the material

How It Helps

  • Improves lesson plans: These resources provide you with strategies to help you develop concrete and informative lesson plans.
  • Enhances student participation: Implementing the activities presented in this chapter helps you to increase your students' classroom participation.
  • Increase students' critical analysis skills: Use the discussion questions and essay topics to prompt your students' into thinking critically about the novel.

Skills Covered

By the end of this chapter, teachers will be able to:

  • Create lesson plans for A Lesson Before Dying
  • Hold productive classroom discussions
  • Assess students' understanding of the novel through study questions and essays
  • Engage students in related classroom activities

5 Lessons in Chapter 5: Teaching A Lesson Before Dying
A Lesson Before Dying Lesson Plan

1. A Lesson Before Dying Lesson Plan

This two-part lesson plan can be used after students read 'A Lesson Before Dying' to help them summarize the plot and analyze characters and theme. After reading and discussing our text-based lessons, students will discuss key concepts, cite text evidence to defend thinking, and apply concepts to comprehension activities.

A Lesson Before Dying Discussion Questions

2. A Lesson Before Dying Discussion Questions

Teachers, this lesson includes discussion questions surrounding important concepts and events from the book. The questions are separated by topic to further enhance your discussion.

A Lesson Before Dying Study Questions

3. A Lesson Before Dying Study Questions

'A Lesson Before Dying' is a novel that deals with racism, injustice, the effects of the past, and the possibility of change, among other themes. This study guide contains questions that cover the book, from basic plot points to inferring themes.

A Lesson Before Dying Essay Topics

4. A Lesson Before Dying Essay Topics

Helping your students understand a novel like 'A Lesson Before Dying' can be tricky. This lesson will give you ideas for essays your students can write in response to the novel to show their understanding with a narrow focus on the book and its analysis.

A Lesson Before Dying Activities

5. A Lesson Before Dying Activities

Teachers, 'A Lesson Before Dying' deals with the sensitive subject of racism, low self-esteem and death. Students will enhance their understanding of what blacks experienced in this dark period in history by exploring segregation and recalling scenes and characters in the book.

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Teaching A Lesson Before Dying
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