Ch 8: Teaching Cynthia Rylant Books

About This Chapter

Explore the helpful resources in this self-paced chapter to strengthen your ability to teach Cynthia Rylant books. Enjoy access to lesson ideas, discussion topics and other teacher resources that can help you offer comprehensive instruction of several books she's written.

Teaching Cynthia Rylant Books - Chapter Summary

If you are looking for a resource that can help you develop curriculum and lesson plans related to Cynthia Rylant books, you've reached the right place! This informative chapter offers biographical information about the author along with other important facts to strengthen your instruction. You can explore this chapter to access lesson plans that offer discussion ideas, instructional guidance, curriculum standards and other helpful teacher resources for books that include Poppleton, The Storm and When I Was Young in the Mountains.

This chapter is available around-the-clock, enabling you to access these teacher resources during your planning period or any other convenient time frame. If you need to clarify any information presented in this chapter, feel free to submit your questions to our experts via the Dashboard.

How It Helps

  • Covers numerous topics: This chapter offers a well-rounded overview of Cynthia Rylant biographical facts and books.
  • Simplifies lesson planning: Resources in this chapter include lesson plans that help you strengthen your curriculum and lessons through instructional guidance, activity ideas, educational standards and more.
  • Strengthens learning outcomes: Improving your curriculum and lesson plans enables you to offer quality instruction that keeps your students engaged and enhances their learning outcomes.

Skills Covered

Upon completion of this chapter, you will be able to:

  • Create lessons that include activities, discussion questions and more regarding Cynthia Rylant
  • Teach lessons that cover Cynthia Rylant's biographical details, books and quotes
  • Educate your students on the Lighthouse family series book The Storm
  • Develop quality lessons that cover Poppleton and The Old Woman Who Named Things
  • Instruct your students on the book When I Was Young in the Mountains

9 Lessons in Chapter 8: Teaching Cynthia Rylant Books
Cynthia Rylant Lesson Plan

1. Cynthia Rylant Lesson Plan

Growing up in Appalachia is one of the main themes of the books written by Cynthia Rylant. In this lesson, students will learn about Rylant's books, life, and awards, read her books, and do a research activity about Appalachia.

Cynthia Rylant: Biography & Facts

2. Cynthia Rylant: Biography & Facts

Rylant is a contemporary writer whose children's books were inspired by much of her life growing up poor in West Virginia. She is also a librarian who has won numerous awards and recognition for her writing.

Cynthia Rylant: Books & Quotes

3. Cynthia Rylant: Books & Quotes

More than a hundred children's books later, Cynthia Rylant has established herself as an author to reckon with. In stories ranging from Appalachia tales to talk about pets, we'll use this lesson to take a closer look at Rylant's work.

In November by Cynthia Rylant Lesson Plan

4. In November by Cynthia Rylant Lesson Plan

This lesson plan uses the book 'In November' to teach using pictures to retell key details of a text, comparing two informational texts on the same topic, and writing an informational text on that topic.

Snow by Cynthia Rylant Lesson Plan

5. Snow by Cynthia Rylant Lesson Plan

Students will learn about adjectives and adverbs using the book ''Snow'' by Cynthia Rylant. The lesson plan includes whole class, small group and individual work as well as a writing project.

When I Was Young in the Mountains Lesson Plan

6. When I Was Young in the Mountains Lesson Plan

If you are interested in finding a fun way to introduce Cynthia Rylant's 'When I Was Young in the Mountains' look no further, we've got you covered. In this lesson, we will cover a detailed lesson plan for the children's book.

The Old Woman Who Named Things Lesson Plan

7. The Old Woman Who Named Things Lesson Plan

This lesson plan will help you teach students how to refer to text evidence when answering questions about a story, write an opinion paper, and correctly use rules for capitalization as they read ''The Old Woman Who Named Things'' by Cynthia Rylant.

The Storm by Cynthia Rylant Lesson Plan

8. The Storm by Cynthia Rylant Lesson Plan

This lesson plan will help students analyze the structure of a chapter book and decode words with r-controlled vowels as they read ''The Storm'' by Cynthia Rylant.

Poppleton Lesson Plan

9. Poppleton Lesson Plan

This lesson plan will help students understand the actions of characters in response to an event. Further, students will study irregular verbs and contractions as they read ''Poppleton'' by Cynthia Rylant.

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