Ch 17: Teaching Graphical Data Identification

About This Chapter

This comprehensive online chapter shows you how to teach students about graphical data identification. You can work through this series of lessons and quizzes to boost your teaching skills, learn new instructional concepts, refresh your knowledge or prepare for upcoming exams.

Teaching Graphical Data Identification - Chapter Summary

Take a look at this chapter to study instructional topics regarding graphical data identification. Taught by expert instructors, this chapter shows you how to teach students about data organization and representation through the use of various charts, graphs and tables. Be sure to take the interactive lesson quizzes and chapter exam to retain your understanding of these instructional concepts. The online format of the chapter enables you to study wherever and whenever it's convenient. Completing this chapter can help you:

  • Organize data with graphs and charts
  • Use picture graphs to represent data
  • Read/interpret bar and line graphs
  • Use graphs and tables in real-world situations

6 Lessons in Chapter 17: Teaching Graphical Data Identification
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How to Organize Data with Charts & Graphs

1. How to Organize Data with Charts & Graphs

Research is only valuable if you can share the data effectively. In this lesson, we'll learn how to organize data and construct various charts and graphs to represent research data.

Representing Data through Picture Graphs

2. Representing Data through Picture Graphs

In this lesson, we will learn how picture graphs are great tools to organize, represent, and interpret data. Also, we will explore the functions and features of picture graphs.

Reading & Interpreting Bar Graphs

3. Reading & Interpreting Bar Graphs

In this lesson, you will learn about the parts of a bar graph and what they mean. You will look at the title, labels, and bars of data, and then you can practice reading and interpreting a sample bar graph.

Reading and Interpreting Line Graphs

4. Reading and Interpreting Line Graphs

Watch this video lesson to find out how useful line graphs can be and how much information you can gain just from looking at one. Learn how you can apply that information in your own life to help you make better decisions.

Teaching Students to Interpret & Create Graphs

5. Teaching Students to Interpret & Create Graphs

Elementary school teachers teach primary math skills, which includes helping students learn to read, interpret, and create different kinds of graphs. This lesson offers proven strategies that assist young learners in developing these skills.

Using Tables and Graphs in the Real World

6. Using Tables and Graphs in the Real World

We use tables and graphs in algebra as ways to visually show an equation or function. But do we really use these in the real world? Is it that important to learn about tables and graphs? Find out in this video lesson.

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