Ch 5: Teaching Kids About Birds

About This Chapter

If you are teaching your students about birds, check out this chapter for a variety of fun games, activities and project ideas. These supplemental resources can help you engage your students and reinforce important information about birds.

Teaching Kids About Birds - Chapter Summary

This chapter offers teachers with a variety of bird-related class projects, arts and crafts, games and stories. These resources are designed to supplement your lessons on turkeys, robins, toucans, chickens, falcons and other birds. You can integrate these activities into your curriculum by using any computer or mobile device, and the chapter is available whenever you need it.

How It Helps

  • Supplements bird lessons: Includes arts and crafts, projects, stories and games that you can easily incorporate into your curriculum.
  • Covers many bird species: Provides resources on many types of birds, including doves, flamingos, falcons, chickens, robins, toucans and turkeys.
  • Engages students: These resources are designed to help your students have fun while learning about birds.

Skills Covered

By the end of the chapter, you'll be able to:

  • Incorporate fun bird arts and craft activities in the classroom
  • Implement project ideas for flamingos and turkeys
  • Assign engaging turkey and chicken games in class
  • Share stories about turkeys and chickens with your students

14 Lessons in Chapter 5: Teaching Kids About Birds
Dove Crafts for Kids

1. Dove Crafts for Kids

As you begin a unit about birds, you might consider teaching about one common bird to the United States: the Mourning Dove. This lesson includes engaging and hands-on crafts for your students as they learn about doves.

Flamingo Art Projects for Kids

2. Flamingo Art Projects for Kids

If you are trying to help your students learn more about flamingos, it can help to incorporate some art projects into your instruction. This lesson gives you some ideas that you can use to get your young flamingo enthusiasts going!

Feather Crafts for Kids

3. Feather Crafts for Kids

Teaching kids about birds is fun in itself, but adding a riveting craft project will make it something to remember. This lesson includes feather craft projects to include in your unit about birds.

Falcon Crafts for Kids

4. Falcon Crafts for Kids

During a unit on birds, you will likely teach about the powerful predator, the falcon. This lesson contains educational crafts that you can use in your class to teach about this bird.

Chicken Games for Kids

5. Chicken Games for Kids

Chicken games can be fun for your students, giving them a chance to be creative, have physical movement, and enjoy some time outside (if appropriate). Use the four ideas in this lesson to give your kids a chance to learn more about chickens.

Chicken Stories for Kids

6. Chicken Stories for Kids

Chickens, chickens everywhere! This lesson contains a wide variety of chicken stories you can read to your students, along with brief ideas for activities to accompany the stories.

Chicken Crafts for Kids

7. Chicken Crafts for Kids

Who doesn't love a homemade chicken pinata? Add a fun craft project to your unit about chickens or after reading a book about chickens using this lesson. These activities are for everyone to enjoy!

Robin Crafts for Kids

8. Robin Crafts for Kids

As you teach students about different kinds of birds, it can be helpful to have some craft activities to incorporate into your instruction. This lesson offers some craft ideas for your study of robins.

Toucan Crafts for Kids

9. Toucan Crafts for Kids

Your students may not have seen a toucan in person, but they will surely recognize the bird by its distinctive beak and coloring. This lesson contains educational crafts you can use as you teach your students about toucans.

Turkey Arts & Crafts for Kids

10. Turkey Arts & Crafts for Kids

As the temperatures cool and the leaves begin to fall, autumn takes charge. Turkeys prevail as one of the most popular autumn themes. This list includes simple turkey-themed arts and crafts designed with fun in mind for you and your students.

Turkey Projects for Kids

11. Turkey Projects for Kids

Teaching younger students about the different types of birds is important to help them understand the range of biodiversity. Use these hands-on projects to help students learn about turkeys.

Turkey Games for Kids

12. Turkey Games for Kids

Involve your students in fun, useful games about turkey by using the games in this lesson. Your kids can learn how to create a turkey while learning other useful skills in the three games included.

Turkey Stories & Poems for Kids

13. Turkey Stories & Poems for Kids

Whether you are teaching a unit about birds or helping your students get ready for Thanksgiving, you might want to build turkeys into your curriculum. This lesson offers some stories and poems that can support your instruction.

Tricky Turkey Project Ideas

14. Tricky Turkey Project Ideas

Thanksgiving is a rough time for turkeys. Students will use creativity and critical thinking skills as they develop innovative ways to hide their turkeys for these tricky turkey projects.

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