Ch 1: Elementary Math Games & Activities

About This Chapter

Teaching math in the classroom is always easier if you can make a game of it. These activities and games will give you some excellent ideas on how you can engage your students' minds, encourage participation and make mathematics fun.

Teaching Math: Games & Activities - Chapter Summary

The activities in this chapter are intended for students at various grade levels. You'll find exercises in arithmetic, solving equations, making manipulatives at home, and much more, including the following:

  • Activities in math vocabulary
  • Games featuring math facts
  • Games and activities for finding area and perimeter, and more

These lessons will help your students polish their skills while enjoying themselves. Short, lasting no more than ten minutes, they are designed to keep students engaged and prevent boredom, while the exercises and activities polish up skills and increase comprehension.

How It Helps

  • Provides practice: Your students will gain practical, hands-on practice in problem-solving while playing games and having fun.
  • Keeps students interested: Students work on math processes without frustration or tedium.
  • Supplements classroom instruction: These bright, fun little games provide both you and your students with a refreshing and enjoyable change of pace.

Skills Covered

Upon completion of this chapter, you will have covered the material shown below:

  • How to introduce drills and activities in basic math skills to enhance classroom learning
  • Ways to present games that will help students solve equations and systems of equations
  • Methods for demonstrating activities and drills focusing on order of operations

34 Lessons in Chapter 1: Elementary Math Games & Activities
Math Bingo Games

1. Math Bingo Games

Math bingo games add much-needed variation to students' practice, and can be used in any math topic to help them answer questions fast. Why not try some of these in your classroom?

Calculator Activities & Games

2. Calculator Activities & Games

Introduce students to calculator use and help them better understand the function with this lesson. A variety of games and activities are given to use in your classroom to make learning fun and lasting.

Math Fact Games

3. Math Fact Games

Learning math facts is an important step towards math fluency, and they help kids when they reach more complex levels of math. However, learning them isn't always fun. Make the process more fun by trying out some of these math fact games.

Math Journal Prompts & Ideas

4. Math Journal Prompts & Ideas

Keeping a math journal is vital to studies done under Common Core guidelines. In this article, we'll explore some prompts and topic ideas to help make the process easier for your students.

Kindergarten Math Journals

5. Kindergarten Math Journals

Math journals can be used to help kindergartners visualize mathematical problem solving and understand age-appropriate concepts. Use this list of math journal ideas to engage young learners and to find other helpful teaching resources.

Interactive Math Activities & Games

6. Interactive Math Activities & Games

Not everyone loves math as much as a math teacher. Better engage and excite your students by trying some of these ideas for interactive math activities and games.

Homemade Math Manipulatives

7. Homemade Math Manipulatives

Math manipulatives help students learn new math concepts in a hands-on way. Math equipment can be expensive, but it's easy to create them for yourself at home. Try some of these ideas for homemade math manipulatives.

Math Vocabulary Activities

8. Math Vocabulary Activities

Mathematics has its own language, and many of the terms are hard to understand and remember. Try some of these math vocabulary activities to keep students engaged, and help them learn what they need to know.

Money Identification Games

9. Money Identification Games

This lesson gives game ideas you can use with your students to learn money identification. Whole group, small group and individual games are included and can be created with supplies you have on hand.

Money Origami Instructions for Kids

10. Money Origami Instructions for Kids

Origami is the ancient Japanese art of paper folding. Kids get such a kick out of turning a simple dollar bill into many fun creatures. These instructions help make money origami fast, fun and simple.

Math Activities for Preschoolers

11. Math Activities for Preschoolers

Looking for some fun activities to help preschoolers gain math knowledge and number sense? This lesson tells the importance or planting math knowledge early and shares engaging ideas to use in your classroom.

Kindergarten Math Games & Activities

12. Kindergarten Math Games & Activities

Kindergarten students are learning the basics about math. Help them learn number sense and build a strong mathematical base using these fun activities and games in your classroom.

Mean, Median & Mode: Games & Activities

13. Mean, Median & Mode: Games & Activities

Students often get the difference between mean, median, and mode mixed up. Help them learn and practice this challenging concept by trying some of these games and activities.

Kindergarten Common Core Math Activities

14. Kindergarten Common Core Math Activities

Teachers working with kindergarten students have a lot of ground to cover to reach Common Core Standards in mathematics. This lesson plan gives you some ideas for activities you can use to teach and reinforce these concepts.

Adding & Subtracting Fractions Games & Activities

15. Adding & Subtracting Fractions Games & Activities

There are lots of ways to teach the same thing. Here are some fun ways to teach students how to add and subtract fractions using games and activities.

Box-and-Whisker Plot Games & Activities

16. Box-and-Whisker Plot Games & Activities

Teaching students how to use box-and-whisker plots can be an exciting and meaningful experience! This lesson offers games and activities that help with teaching mathematical concepts.

Prime & Composite Numbers Games & Activities

17. Prime & Composite Numbers Games & Activities

Learning about prime and composite numbers can get a bit tedious. This lesson will help break the monotony of traditional math exercises by offering some fun and exciting ideas for games and activities for the classroom.

Math Art Projects for Elementary School

18. Math Art Projects for Elementary School

As a math teacher, you might be looking for ways to make your work accessible to visual learners and artistic students. The activities in this lesson address elementary school math topics using art.

Working Memory Strategies for Math

19. Working Memory Strategies for Math

Working memory is an important brain function frequently used in math. This lesson includes some strategies that teachers can use to improve their students' math performance by focusing on those that overcome working memory challenges.

Factoring Activities for Elementary School

20. Factoring Activities for Elementary School

Teach and reinforce factoring with this lesson. Students will play games and activities to better understand, apply, and extend factoring concepts using simple materials found in your classroom.

Soccer Math Games

21. Soccer Math Games

What do math and soccer have in common? Numbers! This lesson gives you ideas for math games you can create and play in your classroom to improve math skills and keep students engaged.

Football Math Games

22. Football Math Games

Football and math are not two words that you normally see in a sentence together. However, these football math games will prove to students that math is an important part on and off the football field.

Histogram Lesson Plan for Kids

23. Histogram Lesson Plan for Kids

This lesson plan uses a text lesson, class discussion, a hands-on group activity, and a take-home survey activity to give your students a solid foundation in working with histograms.

3D Shapes Project Ideas

24. 3D Shapes Project Ideas

Shapes are a basic part of geometry for students at all levels. These projects address three-dimensional shapes at multiple skill levels including construction, volume, and surface area.

Factors and Multiples Lesson Plan

25. Factors and Multiples Lesson Plan

This lesson plan uses a video, whole class instruction, group exercises, and a game to teach students how to find the factors and multiples of numbers.

Growth Mindset Math Activities

26. Growth Mindset Math Activities

Growth mindset involves building confidence by applying new strategies to solve problems. Activities will help you guide your elementary school students through the application of helpful strategies in solving math problems.

Adding Decimals Activities

27. Adding Decimals Activities

Are your students working on addition of decimals? These activities, including manipulatives practice and decimal games, can give your students some motivating practice with decimals through the thousandths place.

Doubles Facts Activities

28. Doubles Facts Activities

Doubling numbers is a basic skill that can make mental math easier for students. These activities use movement, manipulatives, art, and competition to help students practice doubles facts.

Translation, Reflection and Rotation Activities

29. Translation, Reflection and Rotation Activities

This lesson offers games and activities to get your students fully engaged in the process of learning how to translate, rotate and reflect shapes on a grid. Many of the games are active to get your students moving while learning.

Line Plot Activities

30. Line Plot Activities

Line plots, or dot plots, are used to graph data on a line. The following activities encourage students to collect data, create line plots, and analyze the information they provide.

Estimating Products Activities

31. Estimating Products Activities

While students need to learn to multiple exact numbers, they also need to become proficient in estimation. These games use movement and competition to give students practice in estimating products.

Compass and Protractor Activities

32. Compass and Protractor Activities

Some students are intimidated by the tools of geometry (the compass and protractor). This asset offers fun, engaging activities to get your students motivated to practice with both of these important tools.

Nonstandard Measurement Activities

33. Nonstandard Measurement Activities

For early elementary students, nonstandard measurement activities are an excellent introduction to the world of measurement. These activities use teamwork, action, and creativity to teach students that measurement can be fun.

Fractions Unit Plan

34. Fractions Unit Plan

This elementary fractions unit addresses the definition of fractions, improper fractions, comparing and ordering fractions, equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions, and operations with fractions. The unit plan includes links to lesson plans and activity resources.

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