Ch 19: Teaching Operations & Algebraic Thinking

About This Chapter

Refer to this chapter to enhance your knowledge of teaching strategies for basic math operations and algebraic equations. These lessons are great tools to use if you wish to review this material prior to taking elementary or middle school teaching licensure exams.

Teaching Operations & Algebraic Thinking - Chapter Summary

In this chapter, you will review methods for teaching elementary or middle school students about addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. You will define specific terms and learn how to apply various strategies to ensure student comprehension.

Lessons also review ways to teach students problem solving skills for one-, two- and multiple-step equations. Once you have finished your review of this chapter, you should be able to:

  • Describe subtraction in math
  • Show students how to use manipulatives and tools such as number lines and diagrams
  • Teach students how to solve word problems by writing simple math equations
  • Apply strategies to solve multiple-step equations
  • Implement games and activities to help students better understand how to solve two-step equations

Access the lessons in this chapter from any device, at any time, and even print lesson transcripts for easy reference purposes. Use your Dashboard to track your progress as you move through the chapter. Take short quizzes in each lesson to determine how much you have retained before moving from one lesson to the next.

5 Lessons in Chapter 19: Teaching Operations & Algebraic Thinking
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What is Subtraction in Math? - Definition, Methods & Examples

1. What is Subtraction in Math? - Definition, Methods & Examples

In this lesson, we will learn about subtraction, which is the opposite of addition. We'll learn ways to picture simple subtraction problems, how to calculate the problems that are not so simple, and how to recognize subtraction in everyday situations.

Using Manipulatives in the Middle School Math Classroom

2. Using Manipulatives in the Middle School Math Classroom

You could walk 30 miles, but wouldn't driving a car be easier? Using manipulatives for math instruction is like using a car to get somewhere faster. This lesson will define manipulatives and describe how to use them in the middle school math classroom.

Defining, Translating, & Solving One-Step Equations

3. Defining, Translating, & Solving One-Step Equations

Watch this video lesson to learn how you can write a simple math equation when you are given a word problem. Learn how to translate words into math symbols. Learn the shortcuts to remember.

How to Solve Equations with Multiple Steps

4. How to Solve Equations with Multiple Steps

In algebra, when you want to solve an equation for a particular variable, you will need to perform multiple steps that include adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. Watch this video lesson to learn the order you need to do these steps.

Two-Step Equations Games & Activities

5. Two-Step Equations Games & Activities

Being good at solving math problems is all about practice, practice, practice! Students can learn and have fun while they practice solving two-step equations with these games and activities.

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