Ch 17: Strategic Approaches to Reading Instruction

About This Chapter

Use our video lessons and quizzes to learn how to effectively teach reading. Study the use of scaffolding and metacognitive strategies, as well as how to evaluate reading materials used in the classroom.

Strategic Approaches to Reading Instruction - Chapter Summary

Use the lessons in this chapter to help you learn more about facilitating learning in reading. Topics covered in the lessons include assessment of reading materials, teaching methods, the scaffolding process and a definition of the learning process. You'll also look at metacognitive strategies used in classroom instruction. After completing the chapter, you'll have covered the following topics:

  • Classroom strategies to promote learning
  • Activities that focus on reading development
  • Methods and approaches for teaching reading comprehension
  • Theory of prior knowledge
  • Scaffolding process strategies for reading instruction
  • Metacognitive strategies and examples

This chapter is divided into short video lessons taught by knowledgeable instructors. Each lesson is less than ten minutes long and contains interactive timeline tags. Use the tags to skip areas where you're already proficient and easily jump to topics where you need further review. In addition, each lesson is followed by a self-assessment quiz so you can check how much you've learned.

7 Lessons in Chapter 17: Strategic Approaches to Reading Instruction
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What is Learning? - Understanding Effective Classroom Strategies

1. What is Learning? - Understanding Effective Classroom Strategies

We all learn new things every day, but how is 'learning' defined in educational psychology? This lesson covers the definition of learning, different types of learning, and discusses learning styles.

Strategies for Assessing Reading Materials

2. Strategies for Assessing Reading Materials

One of the most important aspects of being an English language arts teacher is choosing suitable reading materials for your students. Watch this video lesson to learn strategies for choosing the most appropriate materials.

Activities & Strategies for Student Reading Development

3. Activities & Strategies for Student Reading Development

Helping students develop their reading skills can create learners who love to read. This lesson offers some ideas that help young readers develop their reading abilities.

How to Teach Reading Comprehension

4. How to Teach Reading Comprehension

Teaching reading comprehension requires instilling in the learner the use of several strategies and skills. This lesson will focus on cognitive skills and notation strategies that will enhance reading comprehension.

Prior Knowledge: Definition & Theory

5. Prior Knowledge: Definition & Theory

Have you ever noticed that sometimes it is really easy for you to learn something new but some things are harder to learn? In this lesson, we'll define prior knowledge and why it can make learning new things easier. We'll also explore different strategies to activate prior knowledge.

Strategies for Scaffolding Reading Instruction

6. Strategies for Scaffolding Reading Instruction

Ever heard the phrase 'reading is the gateway to all learning'? Reading is one of the areas targeted by most states for assessment because it not only is a critical area in academics, but also an area where most students were not showing gains. This lesson will highlight strategies to help struggling readers develop skills to be successful in the classroom.

Metacognitive Strategies: Definition & Examples

7. Metacognitive Strategies: Definition & Examples

This lesson will define and explain in detail what metacognitive strategies are and how they can be used in the classroom to help deepen students' thinking about content and develop students who are ready and willing to tackle new content.

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