Ch 5: Teaching The Most Dangerous Game

About This Chapter

These teacher resources help instructors enhance their ''The Most Dangerous Game'' lessons. Inside the chapter, you'll find lesson planning resources, suggested classroom activities and a number of student assessment questions.

Teaching ''The Most Dangerous Game'' - Chapter Summary

Use these convenient and helpful teacher resources to enhance your instruction of ''The Most Dangerous Game.'' If you intend to teach your students about Richard Connell's classic short story, consult these resources as a way to plan your lessons, come up with class discussion questions, assign essay prompts and implement classroom activities.

How It Helps

  • Helps plan comprehensive lessons: You'll make sure that your ''The Most Dangerous Game'' curriculum covers the most important literary elements of the short story.
  • Enhances student understanding: Discussion, reading, essay and comprehension questions enable your students to think critically about ''The Most Dangerous Game'' and understand it on a deeper level.
  • Engages students through interactive learning: Classroom activities help solidify your students' understanding of the material and allow them to enjoy the process of learning together.

Skills Covered

After finishing the lessons in this chapter, you'll be able to:

  • Design a comprehensive curriculum for ''The Most Dangerous Game''
  • Support your students' enjoyment of the short story by using fun classroom activities
  • Help your students solidify their understanding of the short story with comprehension, discussion, reading and essay questions

6 Lessons in Chapter 5: Teaching The Most Dangerous Game
The Most Dangerous Game Lesson Plan

1. The Most Dangerous Game Lesson Plan

The hunter becomes the hunted in the classic adventure story by Richard Connell, 'The Most Dangerous Game.' The main character Rainsford must outwit a former Russian general to keep his life. Your class will learn from this lesson whether Rainsford not only keeps his life, but his morals as well.

The Most Dangerous Game Activities

2. The Most Dangerous Game Activities

In 'The Most Dangerous Games' activities, students will identify Caribbean Islands, learn about big game hunting and those who oppose the sport as well as complete a literary analysis.

The Most Dangerous Game Comprehension Questions

3. The Most Dangerous Game Comprehension Questions

Use this lesson to determine student comprehension of 'The Most Dangerous Game'. Questions cover all levels of understanding and can be used during and after reading to check comprehension of plot, setting and characters.

The Most Dangerous Game Discussion Questions

4. The Most Dangerous Game Discussion Questions

Teachers, 'The Most Dangerous Game' introduces students to big game hunting. This lesson will explore the scenes and characters and prompt students to complete a literary analysis of the book while formulating their opinion about the sport.

The Most Dangerous Game Reading Questions

5. The Most Dangerous Game Reading Questions

'The Most Dangerous Game' is a rich story that invites a variety of teaching approaches, but it covers so many ideas that it's often confusing for students to know where to start thinking about it. The pre-reading questions in this lesson should help guide them to the story's big ideas.

The Most Dangerous Game Essay Questions

6. The Most Dangerous Game Essay Questions

The short story 'The Most Dangerous Game' is a staple for high school English classes. This lesson has essay topics that will help you assess what students learn from this selection.

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