Ch 7: Teaching The Scarlet Letter

About This Chapter

Incorporating activities and other projects into literature analysis can often help students see texts in a different light. This chapter provides guidance and new ideas about teaching 'The Scarlet Letter'.

Teaching The Scarlet Letter - Chapter Summary

Our instructors use this chapter to offer insight into additional techniques you can use in your classroom for teaching The Scarlet Letter. Some of the things you'll learn from this chapter are as follows:

  • Study question creation
  • Essay topic design
  • Classroom activities
  • Discussion questions for groups and pairs

These lesson articles can easily become your go-to teaching resources, since they provide tips, example questions, and activity ideas specifically for teaching The Scarlet Letter. No matter what time of day or night you work on your lesson plans, you can access our chapter materials, because they are online and at your disposal.

How It Helps

  • Fills in the gaps: You'll be given structured activity ideas and additional questions about the text, which you can use to supplement your current lesson plans.
  • Saves you time: If you have never taught The Scarlet Letter, this chapter can help you quickly make a unit plan.
  • Increases student comprehension: By incorporating these ideas and strategies, your students will approach the text from multiple angles and understand it better.

Skills Covered

By reading through this chapter, you will be able to:

  • Provide materials and instructions for an alphabet book project
  • Assemble a unit plan that examines character development and other aspects
  • Establish activities that address major discussion topics
  • Incorporate key study questions into essay prompts

8 Lessons in Chapter 7: Teaching The Scarlet Letter
The Scarlet Letter Discussion Questions

1. The Scarlet Letter Discussion Questions

The Scarlet Letter focuses on four main characters: Hester Prynne, Pearl, Arthur Dimmesdale, and Roger Chillingworth. These questions review the Scarlet Letter, encouraging group participation and critical thinking skills.

The Scarlet Letter Study Questions

2. The Scarlet Letter Study Questions

The Scarlet Letter is a haunting story of lies and deceit. There are many aspects of the story you can discuss with your students to help them form a deeper understanding. The following questions lesson focus on plot, characters, and setting.

The Scarlet Letter Essay Topics

3. The Scarlet Letter Essay Topics

Once The Scarlet Letter has been read, there are many meaningful questions that can be analyzed. This lesson provides some sample essay questions that students can evaluate to deepen their understanding and appreciation for the novel.

The Scarlet Letter Activities

4. The Scarlet Letter Activities

Help your students gain a deeper understanding of The Scarlet Letter. The activities in this lesson will give students insight into the time period of the novel, as well as a closer look at the characters and timeline of events.

The Scarlet Letter Project Ideas

5. The Scarlet Letter Project Ideas

'The Scarlet Letter' is engaging and thought-provoking. Using projects can help students gain a greater appreciation and understanding of the story. This lesson offers suggestions for effective individual and group projects for your students.

The Scarlet Letter Alphabet Book Project

6. The Scarlet Letter Alphabet Book Project

End-of-book projects can tend to get stale and boring. Use this engaging and fun activity to have students show what they know about ''The Scarlet Letter.'' This lesson walks you through the process of setting up the project and provides student directions.

The Scarlet Letter Unit Plan

7. The Scarlet Letter Unit Plan

If you are teaching 'The Scarlet Letter' to your students, it can be helpful to have a unit plan to work with. This lesson offers you an outline that you can doctor to make your own.

The Scarlet Letter Lesson Plan

8. The Scarlet Letter Lesson Plan

Help your students better understand the symbols and symbolism found in The Scarlet Letter. In this lesson plan, students will examine three symbols in a hands-on activity that combines cooperative learning, literature, and art.

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