Ch 16: Technology's Ethical, Legal & Privacy Issues

About This Chapter

Study technology's privacy, legal and ethical issues with this collection of lessons and quizzes. Available 24/7, these resources can help you prepare for computer science exams, catch up in class, bring up your grades and finish homework assignments.

Technology's Ethical, Legal & Privacy Issues - Chapter Summary

In this chapter, our expert computer science instructors examine a variety of ethical, legal and privacy issues pertaining to technology in the modern world. As you work through these informative and engaging lessons, you'll analyze issues about technology management, intellectual property, information privacy, social media and more. The chapter comes with self-assessment quizzes and a chapter exam that helps to check your understanding of these issues. You can study at any time that's convenient using your desktop, laptop, mobile device or tablet. Upon completion of the chapter, you should be able to:

  • Evaluate ethical issues related to business technology management
  • Assess issues and concerns regarding open source software and intellectual property
  • Explain how privacy has been affected by technology
  • Interpret information privacy laws
  • Discuss the online protection of consumer privacy
  • Apply privacy settings on social media platforms

6 Lessons in Chapter 16: Technology's Ethical, Legal & Privacy Issues
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Ethical Issues in Managing Technology in Business

1. Ethical Issues in Managing Technology in Business

It is a challenge for companies to balance the need for technology with the elements of privacy and security. Let's analyze some ethical issues, such as information security, balancing the privacy of employees with the need for monitoring employees, file sharing, and copyright infringement.

Intellectual Property and Open Source Software: Issues and Concerns

2. Intellectual Property and Open Source Software: Issues and Concerns

One of the defining issues of the Internet era is intellectual property rights. The Internet has made it easy to access digital media and illegally copy it. This lesson will discuss intellectual property including protections through copyrights, trademarks and patents. We will also explore the open source movement and the growing trend toward free, unprotected software.

Impact of Technology on Privacy

3. Impact of Technology on Privacy

Technology has a number of social and ethical implications that cause debate and concern. One specific issue is privacy. Information technology has opened up society and decreased privacy. This lesson will explore a number of privacy issues that are of concern, including electronic surveillance, availability of personal information, cookies and spyware, and workplace monitoring.

Information Privacy: Laws & Examples

4. Information Privacy: Laws & Examples

Information privacy is the protection of a customers or individuals personal information. In the lesson you will learn about information privacy, laws, examples followed by a quiz.

Protecting Consumer Privacy Online

5. Protecting Consumer Privacy Online

Every week, there is a news headline announcing a consumer data breach from a well-known organization. In this lesson, you will learn how government and business is trying to protect consumer privacy online.

Using Privacy Settings in Social Media

6. Using Privacy Settings in Social Media

Without the proper privacy settings on your social media accounts, your business connections may end up seeing something personal that you probably don't want to share with the whole world. In this lesson, you'll learn how to avoid this scenario.

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