Ch 11: Television & Movies in the Digital Age

About This Chapter

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Television & Movies in the Digital Age - Chapter Summary

Our professional instructors outline television and movies in the digital age in this engaging chapter. Some of the topics covered include the history of television, the impact of cable/satellite TV and product placement in films. Work at your own pace as you move through this chapter, and feel free to visit the lessons as often as you'd like. If you have questions, reach out to an instructor through the Dashboard. This chapter is designed to help you achieve the following goals:

  • Outline the invention and timeline of the history of television
  • Discuss the regulations associated with cable and satellite TV
  • Detail the impact of technology on modern television
  • Give examples of different types of films
  • Identify the types of film studios and their environment
  • Explain film distribution and production
  • Recognize trends and changes in the film industry

7 Lessons in Chapter 11: Television & Movies in the Digital Age
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History of Television: Invention & Timeline

1. History of Television: Invention & Timeline

Learn about the inventors and scientists responsible for bringing television into the world. Explore the progressive phases of development in the history of television. Discover the advances in technology and industry that made television possible.

Invention of Cable & Satellite TV: Impact & Regulations

2. Invention of Cable & Satellite TV: Impact & Regulations

This lesson examines changes in how television comes into our homes through able and satellite television providers. It examines the technology and several important legislative acts including the Cable Television Consumer Protection Act of 1992. Important terms are defined.

Impact of Technology on Modern Television

3. Impact of Technology on Modern Television

How do you watch television today? Do you use your phone or a tablet instead of your regular TV set? Learn about how new technologies are changing how and where we watch TV.

Types of Films: Examples & Product Placement

4. Types of Films: Examples & Product Placement

The film industry is an interesting assortment of product placement, different types of films, and film adaptations. In this lesson, you'll learn more about these facets of the film industry.

Film Studios: Types & Environment

5. Film Studios: Types & Environment

This lesson explores the elements of movie studios. Learn the difference between corporate, corporate-independent, and independent movie studios, and take a look at the ten largest US film studios.

Film Production & Distribution

6. Film Production & Distribution

In this lesson, we explore the film production process from the green-light through production, distribution, and exhibition. In addition, we discuss post-production efficiencies and the movie-going experience.

Recognizing Changes & Trends in the Film Industry

7. Recognizing Changes & Trends in the Film Industry

Delve into the landscape of the film industry and explore key concepts and trends. Learn about what filmmakers today need to consider as they embark upon making their movies.

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