Ch 9: Texas Independence

About This Chapter

Study the events and people that helped Texas gain independence in this useful chapter. Instructors outline the history leading up to this event and the significance of critical events and key figures.

Texas Independence - Chapter Summary

Several notable figures and important events helped Texas establish independence from Mexico. In this chapter, our knowledgeable instructors highlight the significant people and battles that all played a part in Texas's journey to independence. Key topics discussed in these lessons include:

  • Significance of the Mexican Federal Constitution of 1824
  • Causes and implications of the Fredonian Rebellion
  • History of the Republic of Texas
  • Biographical facts about Stephen F. Austin, Sam Houston, General Santa Anna and Erasmo Seguin
  • Significance of The Alamo

You can track your progress using the dashboard feature and study at your own pace anytime and anywhere. Once you feel you have an adequate grasp on the topics discussed in each lesson, test your knowledge using the multiple-choice quizzes and the comprehensive chapter exam. If you'd like to have hard-copy study material, utilize the printable quiz worksheets.

8 Lessons in Chapter 9: Texas Independence
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The Mexican Federal Constitution of 1824

1. The Mexican Federal Constitution of 1824

Mexico has had several national constitutions in its history. In this lesson, we are going to check out the Constitution of 1824, and see how it redefined the goals of the nation.

The Fredonian Rebellion of 1826: Causes & Effects

2. The Fredonian Rebellion of 1826: Causes & Effects

Haden and Benjamin Edwards were brothers with big ideas on how to make money in Mexican-controlled Texas in the early 1800s. However, despite their best efforts, their attempt failed in every imaginable way!

Republic of Texas: History & Overview

3. Republic of Texas: History & Overview

In this lesson, we explore the short-lived Republic of Texas. After declaring independence from Mexico in 1836, Texas remained an independent country before becoming a state of the U.S.A. in 1845.

Stephen F. Austin: Biography, Facts & Quotes

4. Stephen F. Austin: Biography, Facts & Quotes

Stephen F. Austin is called the 'father of Texas' for his role in establishing the first American colony in Texas. Though he served as mediator between Mexico and Texas, in time, he supported Texas independence.

Sam Houston: History, Significance & Facts

5. Sam Houston: History, Significance & Facts

Sam Houston was a leading figure in the history of Texas. He was a Texan general and president, and after the state joined the Union, he was the governor Texas and one of its first senators.

General Santa Anna: Biography & Significance

6. General Santa Anna: Biography & Significance

In this lesson we'll explore the tumultuous career of General Santa Anna, the Mexican general who was also president of Mexico eleven times in the mid-nineteenth century.

The Alamo: History & Facts

7. The Alamo: History & Facts

Missions have been built for centuries all over the world, but few have a history as meaningful as one in south Texas. This lesson will teach you about the Alamo.

Erasmo Seguin: Biography & Significance

8. Erasmo Seguin: Biography & Significance

If you are searching for a lesson on early Texas history, this lesson contains information you may find interesting for use with students. This lesson will cover the life of early Texas statesman Erasmo Seguin.

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