Ch 8: Entrepreneurship & Start-Ups

About This Chapter

Allow us to guide your review of entrepreneurship and start-ups. Entertaining video lessons and quick quizzes present the content in an easy to understand approach that can help you excel on an upcoming test.

Entrepreneurship & Start-Ups - Chapter Summary

The lessons in this chapter can assist your review of entrepreneurship and the various financial aspects of start-ups. Presented in video format, the lessons address the following topics:

  • Defining an entrepreneur and listing the relevant characteristics
  • Exploring the opportunities that are out there for entrepreneurs
  • Finding out about the liabilities of starting a business
  • Learning about financial start-up projections
  • Finding ways to generate capital
  • Comparing various types of financing services

Our teachers explain each of the areas listed above and offer many examples as illustrations. Real-world examples can make the information easier to digest and remember. The quizzes accompanying each lesson can test your current understanding of the topics and guide any further review needs.

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