Ch 21: TExES Life Science: Plant Cells

About This Chapter

When reviewing for the TExES Life Science teachers certification exam, use this chapter to improve your understanding of plant cell structures as well as the functions of these structures.

TExES Life Science: Plant Cells - Chapter Summary

Watch the series of lesson videos in this chapter to review what you need to know about the structures and functions of plant cells as you prepare for TExES Life Science exam. These lesson videos are taught by expert instructors who will explain:

  • Structure of chloroplast
  • Structures of plant cells
  • Chlorophyll and photosynthesis

Complete the lessons in this chapter from your computer or mobile device. You can take a quick practice quiz once you finish each lesson to make sure you have a good grasp of the material. If you have any questions about the topics of this chapter, be sure to send them to our instructors so that they can help clear up any confusion.

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