Ch 14: Textiles & Apparel

About This Chapter

Improve your understanding of textiles and apparel, including principles of fashion design, fabric manipulation techniques, textile preservation, and more. If you are preparing for an exam or class discussion, these self-paced lessons and quizzes can help increase your confidence by testing your knowledge of the topics in advance.

Textiles & Apparel - Chapter Summary

With this engaging chapter on textiles and apparel, you can review garment design and the properties of textile fibers. You can also get a better understanding of techniques used for fabric preparation, construction, and pressing. By the end of the chapter, you should feel confident and ready to:

  • Discuss safety in the textile industry
  • List different kinds of textile fibers
  • Provide details about balance and proportion in fashion design
  • Explain what influences wardrobe planning and selection
  • Discuss the psychological impact of color and design on clothing selection
  • Describe techniques used for garment design
  • Recall methods commonly used in fabric manipulation
  • Explain how textiles are preserved

Our educators use an engaging teaching style with plenty of illustrations that help to ensure you understand textiles and apparel. A brief quiz is available for each lesson to test your knowledge. You can also use your personal Dashboard to track the lessons you've completed and your quiz results.

7 Lessons in Chapter 14: Textiles & Apparel
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Textile Laws & Regulations

1. Textile Laws & Regulations

Have you ever wondered where the fabric in your shirt or pants came from, or who sewed your clothes? The people and operations involved in making your clothes are governed by laws that address things like safety and trade. In this lesson, learn about textile laws and regulations.

Textile Fibers: Definition, Properties & Types

2. Textile Fibers: Definition, Properties & Types

Textile fibers are an extremely important part of the textile manufacturing process. In this lesson, we're going to explore various kinds of textile fibers and see what makes them right for the job.

Principles of Fashion Design

3. Principles of Fashion Design

Skirts and jackets. Blazers and colorful silk scarves. Who dreams up ideas for the clothing styles we wear? In this lesson, learn about important principles related to fashion design.

Psychological Effects of Color & Design on Clothing Selection

4. Psychological Effects of Color & Design on Clothing Selection

In this lesson, learn about the relationship between clothes and emotional states. Examine how clothes can impact self-confidence, mood and attitudes and explore some psychological effects that color, patterns and accessories can have on your mood.

Fabric & Garment Design Techniques

5. Fabric & Garment Design Techniques

Have you ever tried to customize an item of clothing? How do you make something like a shirt or jacket? In this lesson, explore fabric and garment design techniques and learn important steps in the process.

Fabric Manipulation Techniques

6. Fabric Manipulation Techniques

A stunning white quilt with bold raised images. A tightly pleated skirt. What do these things have in common? They involve methods of fabric manipulation. In this lesson, explore some common fabric manipulation techniques.

Textile Preservation: Techniques & Supplies

7. Textile Preservation: Techniques & Supplies

Textile art is becoming more widely appreciated, but that means that more people are having to learn about textile care. In this lesson, we'll explore the main forms of textile preservation, and consider the benefits and risks of each.

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