Ch 8: The Aging Endocrine and Reproductive Systems

About This Chapter

Watch video lessons and find out how our endocrine and reproductive systems change and decline over time. These lessons are just a portion of's psychology courses.

The Aging Endocrine and Reproductive Systems - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

This lesson is designed to provide you with an overview of the age-related changes that affect our hormonal systems and our ability to produce children. You'll learn how the different glands found in the endocrine system, such as the pituitary and thyroid glands, release hormones into our bloodstreams and control metabolism, mood and sexual function, among other activities.

Both the female and male reproductive systems will also be covered, with the latter emphasizing the role of the ductus deferens and epididymus in reproduction. You'll also find out about the gradual and major hormonal changes that affect aging adults. When you've completed this chapter, you should be able to identify and discuss the following:

  • The cells and glands that make up the endocrine system
  • The parts and functions of both the female and male reproductive systems
  • Hormone function and production in late adulthood
  • How changes in the reproductive systems affect the chemical and physical functions of men and women

Endocrine SystemDefine the parts and function of the endocrine system.
Male Reproductive System: Functions, Organs and AnatomyDefine the parts of the male reproductive system and how they create and transport sperm and seminal fluid. Identify the following keywords: ampulla, ductus deferens, epididymus, ejaculatory duct, testis and urethra.
Reproductive Changes in Aging MenDescribe the reproductive changes that occur in men, including their psychological effects.
Female Reproductive System: Internal AnatomyDefine the parts of the female reproductive anatomy and how they create and transport gametes and implant the embryo. Identify the following keywords: cervix, ovary, ovarian follicle, uterine tubes, uterus and vagina.
Reproductive Changes in Aging WomenDiscuss the reproductive changes that occur in women, including their psychological effects.

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