Ch 19: The Atmosphere on Earth and Other Planets

About This Chapter

Watch online science video lessons to learn about atmospheric gas and pressure, air circulation cells and other topics related to Earth's atmosphere and its neighboring planets.

The Atmosphere on Earth and Other Planets - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

Take a deep breath. That's part of the trophosphere you're taking in, one of several layers making up the Earth's atmosphere. Use the lessons in this chapter to discover characteristics of each, alongside factors influencing atmospheric pressure, composition and circulation. You can also compare the evolution of Earth's atmosphere with the atmospheres found on neighboring planets through lessons on the following:

  • Structure and components of Earth's atmosphere
  • Factors affecting air pressure and circulation
  • Processes of atmospheric gain and loss
  • Stages in the evolution of Earth's atmosphere
  • Characteristics of the atmospheres on Mars, Mercury and Venus

Video Objectives
Major Components of the Atmosphere Survey components of Earth's atmosphere. Identify the role of greenhouse gases and the ozone.
The Structure of the Atmosphere Investigate characteristics of the troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, exosphere and ionosphere.
What is Atmospheric Pressure? Find out what causes atmospheric pressure, and examine the effects of altitude and temperature.
The General Circulation of the Atmosphere Explore air circulation cells created by Earth's rotation, such as the Hadley and Ferrel cells.
Pressure: Definition, Units and Conversions Discover the definition of pressure. Learn to covert between units of measurement known as atmospheres (atm) and millimeters of mercury (mmHg).
Dalton's Law of Partial Pressures: Calculating Partial & Total Pressures View experiments demonstrating Dalton's law of partial pressures. Learn equations used to calculate partial pressure.
The Gain or Loss of Atmospheric Gas Identify processes causing the atmosphere to lose or gain gas.
The Atmosphere on Earth Describe Earth's primary and secondary atmosphere. Discover stages of the atmosphere's evolution.
The Surface & Atmosphere on Mars Examine characteristics of the atmosphere on Mars. Describe its development.
The Surface & Atmosphere on Venus List atmospheric characteristics of Venus. Chart its evolution.
The Surface & Atmosphere of Mercury Explore the evolutionary processes resulting in Mercury's atmosphere.

5 Lessons in Chapter 19: The Atmosphere on Earth and Other Planets
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The Gain or Loss of Atmospheric Gas

1. The Gain or Loss of Atmospheric Gas

This lesson will discuss how a planet's atmosphere is formed, how it is shaped by the planet's characteristics, and how it evolves with time. Afterwards, you can take a short quiz to test your knowledge of planetary atmospheres.

The Atmosphere on Earth

2. The Atmosphere on Earth

This lesson describes the evolution of the Earth's atmosphere, from its ancient past to the present day to how it's being changed by humans today. You'll learn about how outgassing, photosynthesis, and oceans all played a role in its formation, what air is composed of, and the real effect of human pollution on our changing atmosphere.

The Surface & Atmosphere on Mars

3. The Surface & Atmosphere on Mars

One little mistranslation spawned generations worth of theories about life on Mars. But is there any real evidence for the possibility of life on Mars? What is the Martian atmosphere and surface really like? Can it support life? Find out in this lesson.

The Surface & Atmosphere on Venus

4. The Surface & Atmosphere on Venus

This lesson will discuss the terrible atmosphere located on Venus, as well as its surface features and how the planet differs from Earth's geologic processes.

The Surface & Atmosphere on Mercury

5. The Surface & Atmosphere on Mercury

This lesson will describe the planet Mercury's surface components and how they came to be as the planet formed. It will also go into the planet's interior and atmosphere.

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