Ch 9: The Byzantine Empire

About This Chapter

Watch video lessons and learn about the Byzantine Empire, its growth and its influence. The quizzes that follow each lesson can help you gauge your comprehension of the materials.

The Byzantine Empire - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

Considered the 'New Rome,' the Byzantine Empire preserved Roman culture from the founding of its capital, Constantinople, in 330 A.D. until its collapse more than 1000 years later. During this period, powerful Byzantine emperors conquered territory and spread their culture from North Africa to Italy. We'll learn about the founding of Constantinople, the expansion of the empire and the impact of the split between the Eastern and Western churches. This chapter is designed to teach you:

  • How Constantinople was founded and by whom
  • When Christianity was sanctioned as an approved religion and how it spread through the empire
  • How the empire grew and facts about influential leaders
  • The cause of the Great Schism between the Eastern Church in Constantinople and the Western Church in Rome
  • How this religious separation influenced future world events

Video Objective
The Establishment of ConstantinopleLearn facts about the founding of the capital city and the establishment of the empire.
The Development of the Byzantine Empire Discover how the empire expanded in territory and in influence.
Byzantine vs. Rome: Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic Study the division of the Church and the differences in the views of each branch, especially in regard to political involvement.

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