Ch 7: The Changing Work Environment

About This Chapter

Teach your employees about the changing work environment with help from this mobile-friendly and easily accessible corporate training chapter. Each lesson is accompanied by a short self-assessment quiz.

The Changing Work Environment - Chapter Summary

Lead a corporate training workshop or train new employees using this chapter on the changing work environment. Our lessons focus on the impact of the globalization of business, the Internet's impact on business operations and the tools used in office automation. Assign the entire chapter, or just the individual lessons, to your employees to complete online at work or from home.

How It Helps

  • Teaches needed skills: After your employees complete this chapter, they'll understand the effects of automation and globalization on the nature of work, how work and jobs are unbundled and the importance of diversity in work teams.
  • Builds awareness: Using the chapter, your employees can highlight aspects of office automation systems and tools for their employees' benefit.
  • Expands knowledge: Your employees are more likely to understand the particulars of e-business and e-commerce as well as market globalization when they've studied these lessons.

Skills Covered

This engaging chapter helps your employees accomplish the following:

  • Outline the impact and effects of the globalization of business
  • Discuss the impact of the Internet on business interactions and operations
  • Detail the systems and tools used in office automation
  • Explain how automation and globalization are changing the nature of work
  • Understand the process of unbundling work and jobs
  • Identify the impact and importance of diversity in work teams

7 Lessons in Chapter 7: The Changing Work Environment
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What Is Globalization of Business? - Definition, Impact & Effects

1. What Is Globalization of Business? - Definition, Impact & Effects

What is globalization of business? In this lesson we'll discuss what it is, its impact on the global marketplace, and the effects of globalization on businesses worldwide.

The Internet's Impact on Business Operations & Interactions

2. The Internet's Impact on Business Operations & Interactions

In this lesson, you will learn how the Internet and other technological innovations have changed the way organizations operate and interact with their stakeholders.

What is Office Automation? - System & Tools

3. What is Office Automation? - System & Tools

Office automation is how technology works with data through systems set up within a business. This lesson provides a detailed definition of automation, the benefits and challenges of automation, and the systems and tools that can be used.

How Globalization & Automation Are Changing the Nature of Work

4. How Globalization & Automation Are Changing the Nature of Work

The world of work has experienced major changes in the last two decades. Learn how globalization and automation have led to the unbundling of industries and the nature of work and jobs.

Unbundling Jobs: Definition & Example

5. Unbundling Jobs: Definition & Example

After reading this lesson, you'll learn how jobs have shifted from doing many tasks to doing just a few tasks very well. You'll also learn how the unbundling of jobs impacts management.

Unbundling Work: Definition & Example

6. Unbundling Work: Definition & Example

This lesson discusses the concept of unbundling work. In addition to learning what this is and what aspects it involves, you'll see an example of how work can be undbundled.

Importance & Impact of Diversity in Work Teams

7. Importance & Impact of Diversity in Work Teams

It may seem obvious that diversity is important in work teams, but this isn't always the case. Learn about the two sides to this coin on the impact of diversity on teamwork.

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