Ch 27: The Economics of Aging

About This Chapter

Watch informative and engaging video lessons intended to help you understand aging adults and the economy as they experience it. Each lesson is accompanied by a short multiple-choice quiz to help check your understanding of older adults' spending patterns, income needs and more.

The Economics of Aging - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

People's relationship with money can change as they get older - for example, the amount of money they need to run their households can change, as can the source of that money, depending on whether they're still working or not. In this chapter, an experienced instructor will lead you through an exploration of older adults' income and spending habits, especially within the context of key economic factors such as fraud, inflation, and targeted marketing efforts. By the end of this chapter you should be able to:

  • Discuss the needs and challenges faced by older adults with regard to their income
  • Outline the obstacles presented by things like inflation and fraud
  • Compare and contrast expenditure patterns among older adults
  • Identify ways in which older adults' dollars are sought by businesses

Video Objectives
Income Needs of Older Individuals Discuss older adults and their income, including how it changes, where it comes from, and how income needs and sources vary when compared with other age groups; describe poverty among older adults.
Expenditure Patterns of Older Adults Identify spending patterns of older adults in general, and working and non-working older adults in particular.
How Inflation and Fraud Affect Older Adults Explain what recourse older adults have when faced with these challenges.
Private Sector Interest in the Older Consumer Describe how the private sector approaches older adults in the marketplace.
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