Ch 12: The Hittite Empire

About This Chapter

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The Hittite Empire - Chapter Summary

In this chapter, you'll find short and simple history lessons that break down the major components of the Hittite Empire. Our expert instructors provide interesting facts about the empire's capital city, as well as its religion, inventions, government, culture and much more. All of the lessons come with short self-assessment quizzes to see how well you understand the information. You can revisit the lessons and quizzes as many times as needed, and our instructors are happy to answer your questions. The chapter is also accessible on any computer or mobile device. When you're finished, you should be able to:

  • Describe the Hattusa ruins
  • Summarize the history of Hattusa, the Hittite Empire's capital
  • Evaluate Hittite mythology, gods and religion
  • Recognize the inventions and technological achievements of the Hittites
  • Explain the characteristics of the Hittite's government, economy and laws
  • Describe Hittite art, architecture, culture, clothing and language

7 Lessons in Chapter 12: The Hittite Empire
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Hattusa Ruins: Lion Gate, Sphinx & Reconstruction

1. Hattusa Ruins: Lion Gate, Sphinx & Reconstruction

The Hittites, after having their city destroyed and rebuilt multiple times, finally reconstructed and expanded it in the 14 century BCE, adding impressive architectural works, like the Lion Gate. Learn more about these works in this lesson.

History of Hattusa, Capital of the Hittite Empire

2. History of Hattusa, Capital of the Hittite Empire

The Hittites, an ancient civilization that rivaled Egypt and Assyria, cursed, conquered, destroyed, and rebuilt the city-state of Hattusa in modern-day Turkey. Read this lesson to learn more about the complex history of Hattusa and its importance to Hittite culture.

Hittite Culture, Language & Clothing

3. Hittite Culture, Language & Clothing

Hittite culture, clothing, and language were largely borrowed from other surrounding cultures, like the Egyptians and Akkadians. Despite this, they were actually the first people to write in an Indo-European language. Learn more about their language and culture in this lesson.

Hittite Religion, Gods & Mythology

4. Hittite Religion, Gods & Mythology

This lesson takes a peek into the vast pantheon and mythology of the ancient Hittites. Within, you'll learn about who the Hittites were, some of their most well-known gods, and the myth of succession for the throne of the gods.

Hittite Inventions & Technological Achievements

5. Hittite Inventions & Technological Achievements

The Hittites were one of the major powers of the ancient Near East and, as such, had to focus on military success, which they did through their invention of iron weapons and innovation with chariots. Read more about these innovations in this lesson.

Hittite Government, Laws & Economy

6. Hittite Government, Laws & Economy

Did you know that the Hittite empire was the first civilization to have a constitutional monarchy, where the king did not have absolute power? Learn more about this Hittite government as well as their laws and economy in this lesson.

Hittite Architecture & Art

7. Hittite Architecture & Art

In this lesson, explore the architecture and art of an ancient culture who ruled Asia Minor thousands of years ago. We'll look at the material they worked with, how they used art and architecture to look formidable to others, and other facts.

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