Ch 2: The Importance of Business Continuity Planning

About This Chapter

Use these lessons during your corporate training event to provide your managers with information on the importance of business continuity planning. Upon completion, your management staff will have a greater appreciation for the need to anticipate and plan for major crises.

The Importance of Business Continuity Planning - Chapter Summary

These lessons provide a solid foundation on the importance of business continuity planning and developing contingency and disaster recovery plans. Our instructors explain just what goes into such planning and some of the specific risks a business should prepare for. Specifically, these videos address:

  • Business continuity planning
  • Business disaster recovery plans
  • Contingency planning
  • Risk management for IT systems
  • How business decisions impact stake holders

Fitting these videos into a busy office schedule is easy. With each lesson coming in at just about five minutes, you can slip them into the schedule one-by-one throughout the week or set aside just a couple of hours to complete them and discuss their content with your staff. Use the lesson quizzes as a group discussion tool and have your managerial staff complete the chapter test to ensure they retained key details.

How It Helps

  • Deepens understanding: Managers who complete these lessons will approach contingency planning not simply as a check-the-block exercise, but with a full understanding of the importance of their planning and what kinds of risks they need to anticipate.
  • Builds resilience: Having your entire management staff aware of risks to revenue and thinking of ways to mitigate that risk can drastically increase your organization's ability to hold the line against myriad difficulties.
  • Expands foresight: It is often easier to come up with goals than it is to predict challenges to those goals; these lessons will help your managers put their mission into environmental context to develop realistic long-term plans.

Skills Covered

By the end of this chapter, managerial employees will be able to:

  • Define business continuity planning and explain its methodology
  • Describe and prepare a business disaster recovery plan
  • Illuminate the business impact analysis process and how it effects contingency planning
  • Conduct risk management for information technology risks
  • Understand the impact business decisions have on stakeholders

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