Ch 22: The Internal Structure of the Earth

About This Chapter

Watch online science video lessons and learn about and the Earth's spheres, its internal layers and more. These video lessons are short and engaging and make learning easy!

Internal Structure of the Earth - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

Use the video lessons and quizzes in this chapter to take a closer look at the Earth's internal structure. Instructors show you how seemingly simple events occurring in the atmosphere or geosphere, for example, impact each of the other Earth system components. You can also get an idea of how expansive the Earth's layers are and learn about the seismic waves scientists use to study their composition. By the end of this chapter, you should be familiar with the following:

  • Earth's four spheres and their interactions
  • Physical properties of the crust, mantle and core
  • Methods for studying the Earth's interior

Video Objectives
The Four Spheres of Earth: Geosphere, Hydrosphere, Biosphere and Atmosphere Describe features found in each of the Earth's four spheres.
Interactions of Earth's Spheres: Purpose and Examples Explain how the four spheres interact to form a complex and continuously changing whole called the Earth system. Provide examples of interactions occurring between two or more spheres.
Earth's Internal Layers: Crust, Mantle & Core Discuss Earth's internal composition. Describe characteristics of the continental and oceanic crust as well as the upper and lower mantle and inner and outer core.
Physical Properties of Earth's Internal Layers: Lithosphere, Asthenosphere, Lower Mantle and Core Layers Describe the physical properties of Earth's internal core. Examine each layer's temperature, density, plasticity and stress tolerance.
How Scientists Study Earth's Interior Structure Identify ways in which scientists can study Earth's interior indirectly or remotely.

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