Ch 8: The International Textile Industry

About This Chapter

This chapter looks at a wide variety of textile industries around the world. These professionally-conducted lessons take you through the production and history of the textile industry on a global scale.

The International Textile Industry - Chapter Summary

This chapter goes over the presence of the textile industry throughout the world. You'll learn what distinguishes the method and focus of textile production in various parts of the globe. Practice quizzes accompanying each lesson allow you to test yourself on a topic-by-topic basis. Subjects discussed in this chapter include the textile industries of Morocco, Spain, Poland, Taiwan, and many more nations. This chapter also helps you with:

  • Understanding the global textile industry as an interconnected network
  • Differentiating between Canadian, American, and Mexican textile industries
  • Understanding how textile industries function in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and India
  • Distinguishing the Thai, Chinese, and Vietnamese textile industries
  • Defining the characteristics of the Russian, German, French, and British textile industries
  • Understanding the market and industry of African textiles
  • Navigating the workings of the Peruvian and Brazilian textile industries
  • Examining production methods of textile industries in New Zealand and Australia
  • Detailing the processes used by textile industries in Turkey and the UAE

27 Lessons in Chapter 8: The International Textile Industry
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Global Textile Industry

1. Global Textile Industry

The global textile industry includes textile production, refinement, and retail garment sales. Let's take a look at the current state of the industry, its key players, and projections for the future.

African Textile Industry

2. African Textile Industry

The global textile industry is immense in scale. This lesson discusses the African textile industry and how they have evolved over the last two decades.

American Textile Industry

3. American Textile Industry

The textile industry has played a vital role in the American economy since the nation was founded. This lesson explores the industry, past and present, and its current role in American prosperity.

Australian Textile Industry

4. Australian Textile Industry

The Australian textile industry has struggled off and on to keep up with Great Britain or the USA in fashion, yet it has managed to become a part of the market and has started to focus on technical textiles as well.

Bangladesh's Textile Industry

5. Bangladesh's Textile Industry

Bangladesh is a large contributor to the global textile industry, especially in ready-to-wear clothing and raw materials. As the world's second largest exporter, Bangladesh has surprised the market by consistently showing profits.

Brazil's Textile Industry

6. Brazil's Textile Industry

The textile industry in Brazil is young in comparison to other countries, however, it looks to be growing strength and power as a green business and future fashion mecca.

British Textile Industry

7. British Textile Industry

The textile industry has played a vital role in the British economy for centuries. This lesson explores the history, economic impact, and future of the British textile industry.

Canadian Textile Industry

8. Canadian Textile Industry

The textile industry is one of the largest global markets, making all manner of garments and technical textiles. This lesson discusses Canada's involvement in this industry.

Chinese Textile Industry

9. Chinese Textile Industry

The textile industry is a huge economic force worldwide. China is one of the largest influencers in the textile industry today. They make the most clothing in the world, as well as being the largest exporter of textiles.

French Textile Industry

10. French Textile Industry

France's textile industry is one of technology and fashion. They have influenced the fashion market for decades, but now they are influences on the technological side of textiles, as well, becoming one of Europe's largest producers of this product.

German Textile Industry

11. German Textile Industry

The textile industry is a global market that creates a wide array of products from medical devices to clothing. Germany has a large textile market that is only surpassed by its food and beverage industry.

Indian Textiles: Market Overview & Industry

12. Indian Textiles: Market Overview & Industry

This lesson will provide an overview of the Indian textile industry; we will highlight the two main segments of the industry and provide context for the industry in the broader Indian economy.

Mexico's Textile Industry

13. Mexico's Textile Industry

The textile industry is varied in its products, providing everything from clothes to shoes to rugs. This lesson will go into the recent history of the Mexican textile industry, it's challenges and successes.

Textile Industry in Morocco

14. Textile Industry in Morocco

The textile industry is an immense moneymaker around the globe. Morocco, although not a big player in the textile market, has started to pick up growth and is determined to start creating their own products from start to finish.

New Zealand Textile Industry

15. New Zealand Textile Industry

New Zealand is known for its beautiful landscape, but what about its textile industry? In this lesson we will discuss the small country's large and growing textile industry.

Pakistan's Textile Industry Overview

16. Pakistan's Textile Industry Overview

Although Pakistan is a country with a struggling economy, the textile industry is one of their largest money makers and largest employers for the people.

Peru's Textile Industry

17. Peru's Textile Industry

Textiles are all around us, in the clothes we wear and the beds we sleep on. The textile market is a global one, and Peru's speciality is in cotton, wool, and knits. Let's take a closer look at Peru's textile industry now.

Textile Industry in Poland

18. Textile Industry in Poland

The textile industry has had a rough road in Poland; however, things seem to be looking up for the small country with new projects and products being planned for the future.

Russian Textile Industry

19. Russian Textile Industry

The textile industry envelops the globe and has become an essential part of every country's economy--Russia is no different. Though Russia has struggled recently, they have started to change the face of their textiles to increase their market.

Textile Industry in Spain

20. Textile Industry in Spain

Spain is one of the highest exporters of textiles from Europe. On top of this, they also are one of the largest manufacturers of textile machinery, creating a more stable economy.

Sri Lankan Textile Industry

21. Sri Lankan Textile Industry

Sri Lanka is a player in the global textile industry. They are home to many manufacturing processes for popular brands, and focus on eco-friendly textiles. Their consistently solid relationships and location make them key in this industry.

Textile Industry in Taiwan

22. Textile Industry in Taiwan

The textile industry of Taiwan has recently changed dramatically-instead of trying to compete with larger markets from China, they have gone off and created new products to set themselves apart.

Textile Industry in Thailand

23. Textile Industry in Thailand

The textile industry in Thailand is one of the largest commercial businesses for jobs and economic growth in the country. Although they are in constant competition with China, Bangladesh, and Vietnam, their textile industry has made them a headquarters for Cotton USA.

Turkey's Textile Industry

24. Turkey's Textile Industry

Turkey has had a struggling economy due to the volatile nature of the country and yet their textile industry is one of the largest in the world. It is still striving to succeed in an economy that is open for exports.

Textile Industry in UAE

25. Textile Industry in UAE

The textile industry is immense and affects all countries around the globe. This lesson discusses how the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has become a part of this industry.

Vietnam's Textile Industry

26. Vietnam's Textile Industry

The textile industry is a large one, due to the mass amount of products that are made such as clothing and carpets. Vietnam though a small country is still a large influence in this market.

Nepal Textiles: Definition & the Industrial Revolution

27. Nepal Textiles: Definition & the Industrial Revolution

Colorful wool pashminas and brilliant woven cotton textiles - what do these things have in common? We'll learn the answer to that question in this lesson as we explore Nepal textiles. Learn about their history and the impact of the Industrial Revolution.

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