Ch 16: The Iron Age

About This Chapter

If you want to review the history of the Iron Age, you're in the right place! This fun online history chapter can improve your understanding of this time period for upcoming exams, homework assignments, class projects or any other academic need.

The Iron Age - Chapter Summary

Follow along with our expert history instructors to review the characteristics of the Iron Age. These fun history lessons are taught in a simplified and entertaining teaching style, and they cover basic information about the Iron Age's religion, currency, tools, art and more. To help you strengthen your understanding of these concepts, we've included interactive lesson quizzes and a multiple-choice chapter exam. The chapter can also be accessed on any device that has an Internet connection. When you're finished working through the chapter, you should be able to:

  • Evaluate the importance of the Iron Age
  • Summarize the historical timeline of the Iron Age
  • Detail information about religion during the Iron Age
  • Recognize coins and currency from the time period
  • Explain facts regarding the Iron Age's food, farming tools and agriculture
  • Describe the time period's art, pottery, fashion, clothing and footwear

6 Lessons in Chapter 16: The Iron Age
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Iron Age: Definition, Characteristics, & Importance

1. Iron Age: Definition, Characteristics, & Importance

Use this lesson to learn about the Iron Age. We'll answer what exactly the Iron Age was, what made it distinct from prior ages, and how it impacted the world.

Iron Age: Timeline & Facts

2. Iron Age: Timeline & Facts

In this lesson, we'll explore the Iron Age and what that meant for different parts of the world. We'll examine the rise of mighty empires, learn where iron seems to have developed first, and discover how it spread across places like Europe.

Iron Age: Religion & Beliefs

3. Iron Age: Religion & Beliefs

In this lesson we explore the religion and belief systems prevalent in the Iron Age. We discover a few of the characteristics many of the period's religions shared and discuss one important exception to these traits.

Iron Age: Coins & Currency

4. Iron Age: Coins & Currency

The next time you spend a coin, consider that you're at the end of 2,700 years of money. Coinage was invented in the Iron Age, and it was such a good idea that it spread around the world and has been with us ever since.

Iron Age: Agriculture, Farming Tools & Food

5. Iron Age: Agriculture, Farming Tools & Food

Throughout prehistory, farming has revolutionized human development and brought people out from the Stone Age and into the Iron Age. To see how farming changed history, give this lesson a read.

Iron Age in Europe: Fashion, Footwear & Clothing

6. Iron Age in Europe: Fashion, Footwear & Clothing

Fashion matters in Europe, but there's a longer history to this than you might think. In this lesson, we'll examine clothing and fashion back in Europe's Iron Age, and see how style and society became intertwined.

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