Ch 27: The Muscular System

About This Chapter

Watch video lessons about the human muscular system, its components, and how it works. These well-illustrated presentations are concise and easy-to-understand and include a helpful quiz.

The Muscular System - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

Human beings have more than one kind of muscle tissue, and it's muscle tissue that makes all kinds of bodily functions possible, not just physical movement. In this series of life science lessons, you'll learn from a qualified instructor about the typical types of muscle tissue. These learning materials also cover the function of each of these muscle types, and where they're located in the human body. The role of muscle levers is also discussed in this chapter, along with the concept of muscle efficiency and what influences it. At the end of this chapter, you should be able to:

  • Describe how the muscular system works
  • Identify the various parts of the muscular system, including skeletal muscle, smooth muscle, and cardiac muscle
  • Describe what each of the major muscle types do
  • Define muscle levers, and discuss their affect on muscle efficiency

Video Objective
Function and Location of the Three Muscle Types Describe what each of the three muscle types do, and point out where each muscle type is located on the human body.
Major Skeletal Muscle Functions Discuss what kind of work this muscle type does.
Major Functions of Cardiac and Smooth Muscles Describe what kind of work these kinds of muscles do.
How Muscle Levers Affect Muscle Efficiency Explain the relationship between muscle levers and muscle efficiency.

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