Ch 29: The Muslim World Expands

About This Chapter

Watch video lessons to learn how the Ottoman Empire and other empires played key roles in expanding the Muslim world and its influence. You can verify your comprehension of the chapter's material by taking self-assessment quizzes after each lesson.

The Muslim World Expands - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

Throughout history, even the world's great empires fall. Yet before their decline, they use their cultural advancements and military might to make lasting impacts on the lands and people they oversee. In this chapter, you'll learn about the rulers and cultures of empires that were instrumental in expanding Muslim influence. The video lessons will provide you answers on topics such as:

  • How Suleiman the Magnificent expanded the Ottoman Empire
  • What rulers headed the Safavid Empire
  • How the Safavid Empire created a rich Persian culture
  • What caused the rise and decline of the Mughal Empire

Suleiman and the Ottoman Empire: History, Culture & ExploitsFind out what made Suleiman the Magnificent such an effective leader in expanding the Ottoman Empire's influence.
The Safavid Empire: Creation, Rulers, Characteristics & Shi'ismDiscover how the Safavid Empire developed and how it led to a blended Persian culture.
The Mughal Empire: History, Rulers & DeclineLearn how the Persians, Turks and Indians formed a strong empire and what led to its eventual decline.

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