Ch 5: The New Psychology

About This Chapter

Use this in-depth exploration of new psychology to enhance your preparations for an exam, understand an assignment or boost your grades. Engaging lessons can strengthen your knowledge of the field, and short quizzes can quickly assess your comprehension.

The New Psychology - Chapter Summary

This chapter provides an entertaining and informative examination of new psychology. Review short lessons to understand more about new psychology's historical contexts, major figures and important theories. Each lesson in this chapter is accompanied by a short quiz you can take to assess your understanding of the concepts it covers. A chapter exam is also available to boost your knowledge of new psychology. Once you've completed this chapter, you will be ready to:

  • Summarize the meaning and history of new psychology
  • Explain Hermann Ebbinghaus' research on memory and illusion
  • Point out the contributions and work of Franz Brentano
  • Evaluate Carl Stumpf's method of phenomenology
  • Analyze the theories and research of Oswald Külpe

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