Ch 14: The Paleolithic Age

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This chapter can help students learn or review basic information about the Paleolithic Age. You can use these fun lessons and brief quizzes as homework help tools, test preparation resources and textbook supplements.

The Paleolithic Age - Chapter Summary

Get an overview of the Paleolithic Age with this engaging and convenient history chapter. You'll review short lessons that examine the time period's technologies, inventions, weapons, art, clothing and more. Each lesson comes with a short quiz to help you go over important historical terms and concepts. If you have any questions about the material, you can submit them to our instructors at any time. The chapter's mobile-friendly format helps you study the Paleolithic Age at home, at school or wherever you happen to be. By the end of the chapter, you'll be able to:

  • Interpret important facts about the Paleolithic Age
  • Describe the age's cave paintings
  • Recognize weapons, technologies and inventions from the time period
  • Evaluate Paleolithic art, clothing, artifacts and religion
  • Compare the lower, middle and upper Paleolithic periods
  • Assess India's Paleolithic Age

8 Lessons in Chapter 14: The Paleolithic Age
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Paleolithic Age: Definition & Facts

1. Paleolithic Age: Definition & Facts

The Paleolithic Age refers to the time period in the ancient world that (quite literally!) gave humans the tools needed to advance society. In this lesson, learn about the Paleolithic Age.

Cave Paintings of the Paleolithic Age

2. Cave Paintings of the Paleolithic Age

Cave paintings are some of the most intriguing aspects of ancient life, but how much do you know about them? We'll explore this art form in this lesson and learn about some of the most famous sites.

Paleolithic Age Technology & Inventions

3. Paleolithic Age Technology & Inventions

The earliest part of the Stone Age, one of the periods of the Paleolithic, was the beginning of human history and saw the invention, and discovery, of many new necessities and commodities that we enjoy today--read on to learn more about the development of these technologies and inventions.

Paleolithic Age Weapons

4. Paleolithic Age Weapons

How violent was the Paleolithic world? It's an interesting question. In this lesson, we're going to examine ancient weapons and see what it can tell us about violence in human societies.

Paleolithic Age Art & Clothing

5. Paleolithic Age Art & Clothing

In this lesson we will see two very interesting aspects of the life of the Paleolithic man: art and clothing. Their art expressed their idea of beauty and their religious beliefs. Their clothes provide us more information on the technology they used.

Paleolithic Age Religion & Artifacts

6. Paleolithic Age Religion & Artifacts

The Paleolithic Age is the oldest period of history, but did you know religious traditions, like burying the dead, date all the way back to this time? Let's explore more about Paleolithic religion and its components in this lesson.

Paleolithic Period History: Upper, Middle & Lower

7. Paleolithic Period History: Upper, Middle & Lower

Just like the Paleolithic Age is a division of the Stone Age, the Paleolithic Age itself has three divisions. Learn more about the characteristics and timeline of these sub-periods in this lesson.

The Paleolithic Age in India

8. The Paleolithic Age in India

Travel with me if you will throughout prehistoric time, to the first part of the Stone Age, called the Paleolithic Age, to see what life was like on the subcontinent of India.

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